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What does nappy headed mean?

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July 12, 2010 4:18PM

As with any other issue concerning your health, you wouldn’t want to put the care of your eyes into just anybody’s hands. For this reason, you should look into several things before choosing the eye care specialist best suited for you. The following qualities are a couple of things that will help you make your choice.


You may want to look into your specialist’s professional background – What schools did he graduate from? Are these reputable schools? Does he have the proper qualifications to serve your eye care needs? What optometrist associations is he affiliated with? Does he have the stamp of approval of creditable optometrist organizations?

This could be as simple as doing a Google check on the person. Most professionals are very willing to inform potential clients of their credentials via online profiles. Take advantage of that.


If an optometrist’s services are expensive and they are busy, it is likely that he provides quality service that pleases his clients. Why else would so many people be willing to pay highly for what he has to offer if his quality is not good? However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get quality service at cheaper costs. Check your budget and find an eye care specialist who has the proper credentials, but has professional fees that fit your budget. After all, you’re paying for eye care, not the relaxing ambiance in the expensive doctor’s waiting room.


Ask friends, family and other people you trust about their personal experiences with their own eye doctors. If they found good quality and affordability in the eye care services they get from their optometrists, it may be worth your while to take their recommendations into consideration. This person may be able to help you squeeze into an appointment slot if the eye doctor is very busy.


Finally, after your first appointment with your chosen optometrist, take a moment to reflect on the experience. Were you pleased with it? If you feel that your eye care needs have been taken care of professionally, then that should be enough to convince you that you have indeed finally found a good optometrist.

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January 20, 2010 7:01PM

"Nappy-headed" is a way of saying that your hair is all tangled up. It is the way that your hair would look if you just woke up from a nap. The term nap also has origins in yarn. If a yarn is frizzy, it is said to have a high nap, or is nappy.

It is sometimes used to describe what happens when people with thick curly hair get matting.

Because of this, the term is used as a racial defamatory. The term saw some negative media spotlight after being used by shock-jock radio host Don Imus, along with other negative terms, to describe a women's basketball team.

Another possibility, although unlikely in the Don Imus case, is that nappy-headed could refer to the short form of 'napkin'. Napkin is the root word for the diminutive 'nappy', which is the British-English word for 'diaper'. Napkin is originally from the Middle French 'nappe', which goes back to Latin word 'mappa', meaning cloth. Diaper comes from the Middle Greek word 'diaspros' meaning pure white. In the same way the derogatory 'raghead' is in American usage for the Islamic 'burqa', 'hijab' or 'purdah' , the term 'nappy head' has been used to refer to the various forms of African head-dress, or head-tie known by many names, including 'shash' in Somalia.

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