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It means "foolish".

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Q: What does necio mean in spanish?
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What does necio mean?


What is the word 'idiot' when translated from English to Spanish?

idiot = idiota, imbécil, necio (stupid), bobo, tonto.

When was Dianne Necio born?

Dianne Necio was born on 1992-03-10.

How do you say mindless in spanish?

sin mentalidad (lacking a mind) descuidado, negligente (careless) necio, insensato (stupid, imprudent)

What is el vulgo es necio y pues lo paga es justo hablarle en necio para darle gusto in English?

It's a proverb, it loosely means: People are fools, but as long as they pay it is fair to talk like a fool to please them.

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What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

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