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'No hablas ingles' means 'You don`t (or, if a question, 'Don't you') speak English'

'No hables ingles' is a subjunctive, meaning 'Don't speak English'

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Q: What does no ables ingles mean in English?
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What does English mean in spanish?

The Spanish word for English is ingles. Ingles can mean the English language [of England] or an English person [from England[.

What does soy ingles mean in English?

I am english

What does el ingles mean in English?

The English(man) The English language

What does english please mean in spanish?


What does esta en ingles mean?

its in english

What does poko ingles mean?

Little English

What does no hablamos ingles mean?

We do not speak English

What does el corte ingles mean in english?

it means "the short English"

What does si no esta en ingles mean in English?

'If it's not in English'

What does ingles mean in English?

"Hablo inglés" means "I speak English".

What des ingles mean in spanish?

It means English

What does ingles mean in English the spanish word?