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It's usually said at the end of a sentence to say "...just kidding!".

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Q: What does no te creas mean in spanish?
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How do you say pshce in spanish?

NTC or "no te creas" ... means just kidding

What does this mean in English te you tapas porque you estoy poniendo celosa no te creas te you tapas protistota?

The Spanish phrase translates very roughly into English. It vaguely means 'I'm so jealous, you wouldn't even believe it' when translated.

How do you translate si no quiero no te creas ahorita lo cleco from Spanish to English?

Lest, I do not believe it right now Cleco.

What does ce tu creas mean in spanish?

"Ce tu creas" does not have a clear meaning in Spanish. It could possibly be a misspelling or a combination of words that is not commonly used. It is difficult to determine its meaning without more context.

What does te extra mean in spanish?

Do you mean "Te extrano"? It means, "I miss you."

What does te emo mean in English?

i think you mean te amo which is spanish for i love you

What does Yo te amo mean in Spanish?

In Spanish "Te amo" means i love you.

What does the Spanish word te amo mean in English?

The Spanish phrase "te amo" translates to "I love you" in English.

What does te abia mean in spanish?

"Te abia" is not a correct phrase in Spanish. It seems like a misspelling of "te había," which means "you had" in English.

What does te odio mean?

"Te odio" in Spanish means "I hate you."

What do TE constructs mean in Spanish?

'Te' in Spanish means you. Grammatically, it is either a direct or indirect object pronoun.

What mean i love you in spanish?

te quiero