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Q: What does not accurately describe the forces that exist with an atom?
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What is an atom most accurately described as?

An atom are microscopic matter that combine to form molecules, which creates everything.

What is stronger inside an atom electric forces or gravitational forces?

Electrical forces.

What in an atom?

An atom is a particle, the smallest particle that can exist by itself.

How many particles exist in an atom?

It varies on the element of the atom.

Can an atom with 50 protons and 2electrons exist?

No it can't. There has to an equal amount of electrons as protons! This atom can't exist.

What is the attraction and repulsion forces between subatomic particles?

attraction forces between the electrons of one atom and the nucleus of the other atom are balanced by the repulsive force caused by the two + charged nuclei as they are forced together~attractive forces have a little attraction for the atoms.


yes, H-1 atom has no neutron

How does orbitals exist in an atom?


Does an atom with negative charge nucleus exist?

No, only protons and neutrons exist in the nucleus of an atom. Electrons are what produce a negative charge.

How many bonds does nitrogen have to form with oxygen to create nitrous oxide?

It is very difficult to describe the bonding in nitrous oxide using a simple valency model. It consists of two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. You can say that each nitrogen atom has a double bond with the other nitrogen atom, and one of the nitrogen atoms has a double bond with the oxygen atom, but that requires putting charges on some of the atoms. You need to invoke the ideas of delocalization or resonance if you wish to describe it accurately.

What is the smallest unit of element that can exist alone or in combination with other elements?

The smallest unit of life that can exist as a separate entity is a cell.

Which best describe the nucles of an atom?

It is the part of the atom with the greatest mass