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What you let it do. How does being to thin do to you/ How does being old do to you? How does any thing outside your soul do to you. Think about the power people give to things they have power over. Hard to get power. But, older and thinner and fat or whatever there is a word more powerful than them all. YOUR CHOICE! How you choose to let whatever emotionally. If you have a problem then make a choice to get others to help. But, I have seen very sad poor people, fat people, thin people, I have seen very sad pretty people, just the right shape people. It comes down to one word. Nothing. Obesity has nothing to do with emotions that you don't give it the right to have. It sounds hard but truth is not just to make you feel better for a time or two. Truth makes you better forever. Find the truth in that the flesh should NOT have that much power over the MIND or soul of anyone. Think about it. When you talk on the phone to a stranger, that can not see the obesity or the very thin is that not the true person? How others think now with obesity being as bad as the worst thing is far from the truth. A common wrong doesn't make it right. Nor should I think that a missing arm or leg should change a person. To much on the flesh has always been a problem from the Greeks to now.

Actually obesity can cause depression. The person can become very self conscious about what they do in public, feel bad about them selves and go home, eat food, and not go out much. Some people can't help being fat. It is people like the one who responded and answered above that makes the obese people upset, wanting to eat more. They need some comfort, so they go to food. Simple.

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Q: What does obesity do to you emotionally?
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Obesity can cause depression in children as well as adults.

Obesity affects what part of the body?

it affects you emotionally and it affects your whole body mostly your heart so it can increase your chances of a heart attack at an earlier age

How does obesity affect young people physically and emotionally?

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they affect young people physically because they can't exercise normally and emotionally because they feel lonley and useless.

What are some affects for obesity?

Obesity can lead to: Joint problems, Diabetes, difficulty breathing, poor circulation, artereal clogs, heart problems, DEATH. Obesity is a real problem that can seriously kill. Not only does it effect you physically, but mentally and emotionally. If you are struggling with obesity you need to take control. Gain the support of loved ones, family and friends alike. Start working out and when you start losing weight your self esteem and confidence will build as well as your physical health.

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Obesity can be generic because obesity isn't always to do with eating to much and not burning of enough calories. A portion of obesity can be genetically mediated.

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Who does obesity affect?

Obesity is a condition in which the cell mass increases and as a result the BMI also increases. The Basal Metabolic Rate outgrows with increased body mass as in case of obesity. This would ultimately make the individual lethargic in work condition and the sedantry lifestyle would creep in leading to imbalance in the functioning of the organs and hence ill effects follow up. So this should be prevented with regular work out and healthy diet pattern.People who have obesity are affected by it most but however it can in turn affect those around them. For example if the obese person develops a life threatening disease related to their obesity it will emotionally affect the whole family.Probably children. They say this is going to be the first generation ever to live younger than their parents, and the obesity crisis is getting worse and worse.

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