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Ooh err missus' and similar phrases are used on British television and in conversation to indicate that an innuendo has just occurred

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Q: What does oh er misses mean?
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What does a golf player say when he misses a shot?

Oh shoot!

What does it mean when a girl says she misses you?

That would simply mean she enjoys being around you and misses you.

What does it mean when a guy mean when he says he misses holding you?

It Means He Misess You . He Misses Hugging Kissing Ect .

Who misses the show That's So Raven?

I do!! I loved it!! Oh, Snap!! (lol)

Cat misses you?

OH YES! a cat will feel lonly and sad,i should know......

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend says he misses you lots?

He misses you, he always is thinking of you, and he likes to be around you

What does misses mean on clubpenguin?

if someone says misses to u it means they kissed u, but sinces u cant tupe in kiss they say misses

What does it mean when he says he misses talking to you?

He obviously enjoyed your company and now that it isn't there as before he misses talking to you.

When he writes I miss your smile what does that mean?

I spose it means exactly that, he misses it when you smile, misses the happines it brings him.

What does it mean when a gril says she misses you?

Just what she said, that she misses you! It could also mean she misses you because she LIKES you. Or, she could be tricking you, really she means that she hates you and never wants to see you again, saying she misses you is just the only way she can hide it. Cause that makes sense. ;)

What does the suffix-er mean in mean?

their is on sufix of -er in the word mean. sorry

What is mean by ER 70S in welding filler wire?

Er 70s mean,(er) electro resistance, 70s mean 70000 tensil strenth

What does it mean when he says that he misses his mom?

He simply means he misses his mom - there is nothing wrong with that, he may be a little homesick and sad.

What does the prefix er mean?

Er means Engineer

What does er ist mean in German?

er ist = he is

What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend says he misses you?

I think his statement is very clear. He misses you! Consider yourself lucky. Marcy

What does it mean when a guy says that he misses you?

Unless you have suspicions that would indicate otherwise, it means: He misses you. Some things are literal, just as stated.

What is erbium hydroxide?

The chemical formula of erbium hydroxide is Er(OH)3.

How do you spell misses in the phrase Daddy misses you?

Misses is correct.

What does it mean if you ask a guy you like if he misses you and he answers certainly?

it either is that he REALLY misses you or hes just saying that to make you happy --hope this helped--

What does it mean when a guy misses you when you are not around?

It usually means that he misses you. It depends on your relationship as to why that is. Perhaps he misses your friendship, or perhaps he misses the love of his life? If he's a co-worker or someone not involved and he said he missed you in a serious way, i'd guess he wants to be more serious to you than he is currently.

Why would a woman you broke up with and broke her heart at first be very sad over you then she says now she misses her ex husband and does this mean she wants you back?

If she misses her ex husband, then no she doesn't want you back. She misses him, not you.

What does er mean in German?


What does it mean when a girl misses her period?

It most likely means that she is pregnant.

What does it mean when she continues to talk about her ex boyfriend?

that she misses him and isn't over him