What does oheb mean?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What does oheb mean?
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Mahiya lfatat lati oheb?

ma howa ismi

How do i say i love my wife in Arabic?

Translation: Ana oheb zawjati (أنا أحب زوجتي)

How do you say i love baseball in Arabic?

Baseball is said in arabic same as in English so you say : ana oheb el baseball written as : أنا أحب البيسبول

How do you say 'i don't want' in Arabic?

You don't like : anta la toheb I don't like : ana la oheb

How do you say 'I do not like this class' in Arabic?

English Arabic read Arabic in English I انا ana don't لا la like أحب oheb this هذا hatha( th like the) class الصف alsaff (classroom)

How do you say i like this picture in Muslim?

"Muslim" is not a language dear, it's a religion. So you can't say "how do you say I like this picture in Muslim". Now on the other hand, if you want to know how to say it in ARABIC, then that's a different story. I like this picture---> Ana oheb hathihi al soura (formal arabic) It might look weird, but that's how we speak. I hope that helped.

How do you say my beautiful daughter in Arabic?

Daughter = Bint (arabic) or you can also say: "Ibnnah" My daughter = Bintee (arabic) To get the most popular,detailed and complete Book of Arabic Grammar, go to Author House.

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What does (.)(.) mean?

you mean what you mean

How do you say hate to love in Arabic?

I hate You = akrahouk ( in Arabic ).and it written in Arabic this way : أكرهكor in the same meaning i don't love you = la ohibok ( in Arabic )and it written in Arabic this way : لا أحبك

What does mean mean in statistics?

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