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"On est ..." means "we are ..." in French.

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Q: What does on est mean?
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What does est laid mean?

Mean ugly. est laid = to be ugly.

What does on est mean in french?

On est means It is.

What does non est in latin mean?

non est = He or she or it is not

What does caecelius est in atrio est mean?

Caecilius is in the atrium.

What does furta est an professio mean in English?

Est means is

What does comment est mean?

Comment est is translated "how is..." in English.

What does it est mean in french?

Est means is, as in he, she , it is in the present tense.

What does Qu' est -ce que c' est mean?

What is it.

What does est bona mean?

Est bona means "is good."

What does the french word est mean?

Est = Is Example ; Il 'est' mignon .. would be : He 'IS' cute.

How about est?

est mean 'am' or 'is' eg: elle est zoey she is zoey or 'bonjour' est 'good morning' 'bonjour' is 'good morning'

What is mean by est code?

est means iscode is codeSo, possibly, "est code" means "is code"