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"On the ropes" is a colloquial term passed from boxing competitions, where a contestant was groggy, and holding onto the ropes round the ring for support. The implication is of being overcome, of weakness and distress.

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Q: What does on the ropes mean?
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This is an old sailing term. If you knew your ropes, you knew which rope on a sailing ship would do which task, and you were a good and experienced sailor. Nowadays, you say that any experienced person "knows the ropes."

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What do you call the ropes around a boxing arena?


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The expression is actually to 'know the ropes'; it means to understand how to do something, especially in terms of one's job.As to where the expression came from, two similar theories involve sailing and the theater, both of which were occupations where knowledge of ropes and knot-tying were critical.

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Cause ropes are flexible

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u don't need ropes

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Halyards, ropes and stays

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yes, lots of explorers use ropes.

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When the monkey was training for the monkey Olympics he had to train on the ropes.