What does opa mean in Greek?

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OPA means, party, or get down and dance. Answer It doesn't really 'mean' anything. It's an exclamation of joy, like "whoopee" or "hooray."
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What does opa mean in Dutch?

In Dutch, the word "opa" translates to "grandpa" in English.Another Dutch word that is a synonym to "opa" and also translatesas "grandpa" is "grootvader." This is not to be co

What does opa mean in German?

It means Grandpa My father is from the Netherlands and is fluent in both Dutch and German. Opa also means grandfather in Dutch. Oma means grandmother in both Dutch and German

What does OPA mean on floors of duomo in Florence?

In OPA on the floors of the duomo of Florence stands the P also forthe R. And OPRA misses one E. It is the stemma of the "Opera delDuomo. This foundation was born together wit

What is OPA school?

Oyster Pond Academy, or OPA for short, if a school. OF COURSE.

Is opa-opa a boy?

No, opa-opa is a self-aware spaceship with no gender.

How do you spell opa?

The Greek exclamation is "Opa!" (expression of fun, especially used in dancing)

What is opa in Norwegian?

Opa as in the German word for granddad is "Bestefar" in Norwegian. Some also call their mom's dad "Morfar" and their dad's dad "Farfar".
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What does opas mean in musical terms?

Opus number is given for a specific work to recognize it from others. Two compositions from the same composer will never have the same opus number. As an example, the opus num
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Where is Opa Opa Steakhouse and Brewery located?

The Opa Opa Steakhouse and Brewery is located in the state of Massachusetts in the US. It can be found at 169 College Highway of Southampton, with zip code MA 01073.