What does opague means?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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You actually mean opaque. It means that you can't see through it. That it isn't transparent.

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Q: What does opague means?
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What are some things that are opague?

Paper people leather

How do you use opague in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence for 'opaque':You cannot see through a piece of wood as it is opaque, which means that it does not allow light to pass through.

Is colored tissue paper translucent?

Most is, though some is manufactured to be more opague.

Is black chalkboard translucent transparent or opague?

It is Opaque letting no light through.

Why is a colloidal dispersion opague?

Because it is too much dense so the light can not pass from it and most of it will be reflected so that is why it is opaque not transparent.

What is a material that light can't travel through?

light cant travel through opague materials, or anything you cant see through.

Is snow transparent translucent or opaque?

Most leaves are opaque (you can't see through them), but many are translucent (sort of see through them).

What is the opague middle layer of the eyeball?

The opaque middle layer of the eyeball is referred to as the choroid. The structure is made up of a total of four layers.

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