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With me the pain was due to IBS. That is when your colon goes into spasms and causes some pain. It can also cause pain anywhere from in your neck on the right, down into your lower stomach. For me the solution was to get a prescription forr IBS called Bentyl that I take regularly that has stopped most if not all the pain. If that doesn't seem to answer your question my suggestion would be to call your doctor to see if it could be your gall bladder.

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Q: What does pain on your right side under your ribs mean?
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What does pain on your right side under ribs mean?

gall bladder disease

What is the Pain on lower right side under ribs?

I have a pain on my lower right side under my ribs that hurts mostly while I sleep It is most likely your liver. Go get that checked out. You might have liver cancer. Feel better.

What might cause mild pain under the right hand side below the rib?

A mild pain under the right hand side below the ribs can mean different things. It can simply be gas, or something more serious. If the pain continues, consult your doctor.

Pain on right side under ribs?

There are many things that can cause pain under the right side by the ribs. It can be problems with the liver, gall bladder, appendix, Crohn's disease, hernia, acid reflux, rib injury, or other issue.

Pain under right back rib cage?

Could be kidney infection or other kidney problem, if the pain is under the bottom part of the ribs.

What causes pain under the right lower ribs?

Could be gallstones, you should consult a doctor.

What does pain on your left side under your ribs mean?

Ur starting ur period

What could back pain on your right side under your ribs mean It gets worse when you lay down?

It may be a kidney infection; better get checked out at your doctor.

What would make you hurt under the ribs on both sides and right side pain by the right end of the ribs and goes into the back?

This can't be answered on here. I suggest you see a doctor.

What are the effects if you have a bile stone?

pain on my right hand side under ribs .all the time but worst when eating

Pain in right stomach under ribs?

It could be gallstones, appendicitis, indigestion, need to see a doctor.

Causes of nausea right back pain under ribs?

this could be your gallbladder. you should consult your primary care physician.

What does pain on the left side under the ribs mean?

its just gas but if its throbing you might need to go to a dotor

What abdominal region is located on the right and left side of the abdomen right under the ribs?

The right and left hypochondriac regions are located under the ribs.

Can gallbladder problems cause pain under the left ribs?


If you have a pain in the left side under your ribs what is it?

Stomach or pancreas.

What causes left side pain under ribs?


If you have pain under ribs on right side and it hurts to take deep breaths what could it be?

There is a chance that you may have broken some of your ribs. If you are really worried/concerned you have got to see a doctor ASAP.

Can costochondritis cause pain in the right lower ribs while stretching?

Yes. Costochondiritis is a painful inflammation of the ribs and tissues between the ribs.

Is the stomach on the left side under the ribs?

yea it is on the left side under ur ribs with the liver on the right of it

Where are the liver and spleen located?

Both are in the abdomen. The liver is up under the right ribs and the spleen is under the left ribs.

Why is there a pain from the right side of your ribs to your stomach?

stop using drugs

What can cause pain on the right side where the ribs end?

it means you have cancer

What causes pain under right rib cage?

It could be a number of things. Under the right ribcage is where the liver and gallbadder are located. Pain that radiated through to the shoulder blades could be gallstones. Pain just under the right ribs could indicate a liver problem or pulled muscle. If you are pregnant and that pain is accompanied by headaches, blurred vision, hypertension and edema, see your care provider immediately as this may be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

Pain in upper right stomach above ribs?

I seem to have this pain very infrequently but it is very painful.