What does paralise mean?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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to paralyze/paralise is to stun

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Q: What does paralise mean?
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What demyelinating nerve disorder can paralise the legs?

What demyelinating nuromuscar disorder paralyzed the legs

Does spina bifida s1 cause paralysis?

can spina bifida s1 cause paralise

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Black widows & Brown recruise spider's are deadly other poisonous spiders might just paralise a human for a short amount of time

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alien x is the first alien ben has that is a god he's the universe he can create whatever universe he imagines but ben has trouble using him because he's so powerful when ben's alien x he gets paralise because of all the power within alien x (paradox hinted that in the future ben will gain power and control of alien x)

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Easy way to catch Giratina without master ball on Pokemon Platinum?

Let me see. Use a move that will paralise it. Growl him a lot, get its HP into the red. False swipe will work perfectly, and start chucking timer balls at him. Timer balls grow stronger as time goes by so buy as many as you can. Try not to use burn or poison moves and buy many revives.

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