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What does pencil pushing mean?

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Doing pointless, seemingly unessacary work. Usually used to describe someone that has been "de-moted" or "de-ranked".

2011-12-29 05:44:27
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What does no es un lapiz mean in English?

It is not a pencila pencil

Is HB-2 the softest lead pencil?

I don't quite understand what you mean by HB-2 pencil but if you mean HB pencil / #2 Pencil it is not the softest pencil. Pencils scale from 9H to 9B, (HB in the middle) and 9B would the softest and darkest pencil there.

What does pushing the envelop mean?

Pushing something too far.

What does un taille crayon mean in English?

A pencil sharpener.

What does lapiz mean in spanish?


What does sacapuntas mean?

pencil sharpener

What does lapices mean in English?


What does lpiz mean in English?

If you mean lápiz, then it's pencil.

Calculate the work done by a 47N force pushing a pencil 0.26M?

w=f.d cos 0w=47x0.26x1=12.22J

If a guys picks up your pencil what does that mean?

he picks up your pencil thats it he wants to borrow it

What does el lapiz mean in Spanish?

The pencil.

What does lapiz mean in english?

It means: pencil

What does it mean if someone steals your pencil?

they is a theft

What does b mean when you talk about pencils?

The letters mean if the pencil is lighter or darker. "B" is in the middle so its kind of like a regular school pencil.

What does donde esta el lapiz mean in english?


What does a pencil icon show in Access mean?

A pencil icon in Access means that a particular area can be edited. Simply click on the pencil and edit whatever is necessary.

How do you calculate the work done by a 47 N force pushing a pencil 0.26 m?

Just multiply the force times the distance. Result is in joules.

What does the word pencil mean in french?

un crayon

What does estuche mean?

Estuche means pencil case.

What does MΓ€ppchen mean in german?

means pencil case

What does quien tiene mi lapiz mean?

Who has my pencil

How do you build a pencile in Minecraft?

If you mean pencil, you can't

What does Federtasche mean in English?

Federtasche = pencil case

What does el sacapuntas mean in English?

The pencil sharpner .........

What does lapizo mean in spanish?

You meant:LÁPIZ - pencil