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What does penultimate mean?

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It basically just means the 'second to last' one. For example if i was to say, "it was the penultimate episode of the series", I'm basically saying that the episode was the second to last episode in the series.

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How do you use penultimate in a sentence?

She wasn't the last but she was the penultimate.

What is a penultimate shell?

Penultimate means "next to last" so the penultimate shell must be the next to last shell.

What is the penultimate month of the year?

The penultimate month of the year is November.

What is the penultimate book in the Bible?

Jude is the penultimate book, after that it is Revelation.

What is the ISBN of The Penultimate Peril?

The ISBN of The Penultimate Peril is 0064410153.

What are anti-penultimate shells?

Anti-Penultimate shells are the ones to the inner side of penultimate shells or the third from the last

What is a penultimate boss?

The penultimate boss is the boss before the last boss.

How many pages does The Penultimate Truth have?

The Penultimate Truth has 174 pages.

How many pages does The Penultimate Peril have?

The Penultimate Peril has 353 pages.

When was the penultimate one?

Penultimate means the next before last.For example: 2, 4, 12, 56, 4. The penultimate number is 56.

Which elements have incomplete penultimate shells?

The transition elements have their penultimate shells incomplete

Where is the penultimate carbon on D-Fructose?

penultimate carbon in glucose molecule?

What is the penultimate letter of the English alphabet?

The penultimate letter of the English alphabet is 'Y'.

How many pages does the penultimate perril have?

The penultimate perril has 150 pages for the nook

When was The Penultimate Peril created?

The Penultimate Peril was created on 2005-10-18.

How many electrons can be accommodated in penultimate shell?

8 electrons present in penultimate shell

What does penultimately mean?

Meaning next to last, penultimate can be used as a noun or adjective, and penultimately is an adverb.

What does zany mean in spanish?

bufon, truhan, simplon (accent on penultimate letter in each case)

What is penultimate stress?

Penultimate means next-to-last, and "penultimate stress" in phonetics refers to stress in a word falling on the penultimate syllable. In other words, a word carrying penultimate stress is a word that is stressed on the next to the last syllable, e.g. he-li-COP-ter, AF-ter, fan-TAS-tic, etc.

What does it mean to write a penultimate novel?

Penultimate means next to last.So a penultimate novel is the next to last in a series of novels eg the second novel in a set of three (a trilogy).Contrary to popular belief, the term "penultimate" (despite that it contains the word "ultimate") has nothing to do with the "best", "highest" or "last". It means the 2nd to last; as such, a "penultimate novel" would be a novel that is written just before the last novel, i.e. in the collection of 7 children's novels by C.S. Lewis called The Chronicles of Narnia, the penultimate novel would be The Magician's Nephew (#6), which comes before the last novel, The Last Battle (#7) in the popular series.

What rhymes with ultimate?


What is the opposite of penultimate?


What is the prefix for penultimate?


What is another word for second?

A good word for second to last is penultimate, and a word for third to last is anti- penultimate

What is penultimate shell?

The definition of "penultimate" is next to last or second to last. In chemistry, when dealing with atoms each atom has shells that fill with electrons. The penultimate shell would be the shell that is below the last shell.

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