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it means heavy

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Q: What does pesado mean in English?
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What does si eres un pesado mean?

"Si eres un pesado" translates to "If you're a pain" or "If you're annoying" in English. It is an expression used to describe someone who is irritating or bothersome.

What is the opposite of pesado?

As pesado is heavy so ligero is light

What does panela mean in English?

panela sf1 (LAm, Culin)brown sugar loaf2 (Méx) (=sombrero)straw hat3 (Andes, Méx)* (=pesado) bore, drag(=zalamero)creep **

What are the release dates for Estudio 2 - 2005 Pesado?

Estudio 2 - 2005 Pesado was released on: USA: 23 February 2006

What genre of music does Pesado sing?

The band Pesado is considered to be under the genre of Mexican regional. However, they are also considered Mexican pop.

How do you say thick in Spanish?


Is one of the members of the group pesado from hualahuises?

yes he is, He got married there, and his band pesado were there along with other well rcognized norteno bands. I attended the wedding.

What is pesado's most recent CD?

Mientras dormias

Where in Brownsville is pesado playing tomorrow Friday?

Amigolandia center..

What actors and actresses appeared in La sentencia de un pesado - 1999?

The cast of La sentencia de un pesado - 1999 includes: Luis Michel Jorge Reynoso

How do you say gross motor in spanish?

motor pesado (exp. mec.)

What are the release dates for El show de Don Cheto - 2005 Pesado Boys?

El show de Don Cheto - 2005 Pesado Boys was released on: USA: 20 February 2006