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What does pfft mean?

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βˆ™ 2011-01-14 12:20:41

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Answer:to laugh at something that they think is not even close to being true about something.

similar to the meaning 'whatever', 'not true!', or ' yeah right!'.


person 1 - "I love you most, end of story!."

person 2 - "pfft."

2011-01-14 12:20:41
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Q: What does pfft mean?
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What does pfft mean when texting?


What does pfft mean in texting?

pfft means 'WHATEVER' 'YH RIGHT' bacicilly if some1 says dis 2 u they basicly dont beleive you

What does pfft mean on webtalk?

it Can mean if its Someones name and it then they saying your fit if not it means whatever :P

What does pfft mean in chat?

It's not just in chat, it's every day language. It usually means disbelief and a bit of derision about oneself or someone else, or about something, as in "pfft, are you joking?", "pfft, that will never happen". Read it kinda like "yeah, right!"

What is does pfft mean?

It is a word used to express or indicate a usually sudden disappearance or ending.

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