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The English language equivalent is pylon or mast.

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Q: What does pilon mean in Romanian language?
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What does fată mean in Romanian?

In the Romanian language fată is girl.

What does school mean in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of school is școală.

What does 'nu' mean in Romanian?

The English language equivalent of nu is no, not.

What does aluat mean?

aluat means doe in the romanian language.

What does daca mean in Romanian?

The English language equivalent of dacă is if.

What has the author A Barbara Pilon written?

A. Barbara Pilon has written: 'Teaching language arts creatively in the elementary grades' -- subject(s): Creative thinking, Language arts (Elementary)

What does 'Mushu' mean in romanian?

Mushu does not exist in the Romanian language; "musiu" is an incorrect spelling of the French word "Monsieur".

What do you call uncle in Romanian language?

The Romanian language equivalent of uncle is unchi.

What does have y ar ai mean in Romanian language translate to English language?

Incorrect spelling

What does Jesus mean in Romania?

The equivalent of Jesus in the Romanian language is Iisus.

Is Romanian Latin based language?

Yes, Romanian is a Latin language.

What language family is Romanian in?

The Romanian language is of Romanic (Latin) origin.