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Move the mouse cursor to what you want to select.

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pointing means to point in excel sheet and all

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Q: What does pointing mean in Excel?
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Presents information about the worksheet the function of the button the mouse pointing to or the Mode of Excel?

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What does Excel spredsheet mean?

there the different pages you have in excel

Do a mouse pointer display as a hand with a pointing finger within a worksheet?

Within Excel the mouse pointer can have a lot of different shapes including the hand with the pointing finger. It depends on what is being done.

What does an owl pointing at you mean?


What does a triangle pointing down mean?

A downward pointing triangle is often used to represent "female".

What do you mean by Excel sheet?

A new excel document. In Microsoft excel there is a new page button like in word. Click that to get a new excel sheet. It is effectively a page in excel.

What is the split box in Microsoft Excel?

It enables you to split the window in Excel into separate panes. It is not in Excel 2013, but in earlier versions it is a very narrow item just above the scrollbar on the right of the screen. If you put the mouse over it, it changes into a pair of horizontal lines with an arrow pointing up and another pointing down, which you can then use to drag down and split the screen. There is also one at the right end of the bottom scrollbar.

How do you sort the alphabet in descending order in Excel?

Reverse sort. Select the SORT button showing A-Z with the arrow pointing up (instead of pointing down). This will allow you to sort with letters starting with Z at the top of the list.

What the the term excel mean?

excel means to speed up and to carry on with a specific thing

What does it mean when an horses ear is pointing upwards?


What do mean by excel?

Excel is a program that is part of the Office Suite programs. Often jobs require you to be proficient in Excel in order to be hired.

What does it mean if you see about getting excel in business?

Excel means egg cell or sperm cell.

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