What does port is disabled mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What does port is disabled mean?
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How would you disable a typical serial port on a motherboard?

The port can be enabled or disabled through the CMOS setup.

Do disabled students in Texas have to take standsrized test?

It depends on what you mean by disabled. If you mean physically disabled, the student will be given ways to take the test.

What is 'err-disabled' error. it is frequently blocking the port of your cisco switch?

This is caused by port security being enabled and having the violation setting set to shutdown. This is triggered when you have two many MAC addresses listed for the port of if a BPDU is sent to that port, depending on how port security is configured.

Are there any port in Scotland?

Do you mean ports for ships ? Or do you mean port as in the drink ?

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A Port Day is an operating day when the ship is in an out-port (not at the home port).

What does firearms disabled mean?

Will not function as intended

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What does port mean?

A variety of meanings: A place where a ship sails to and form is a "port" A place to plug in a computer peripheral is a "port" "port" is fortified wine "port" is a direction when at sea.

What does it mean when the overdrive light is on 1999 Dodge Dakota V8 truck?

OD is disabled.OD is disabled.

What would happen if the network administrator moved the network cable of Host A from interface Fa01 to Fa03 on switch SW1?

the port is disabled

What is the law about a vessel having to be towed to port for safety?

The salvager can claim salvage rights to any vessel recovered disabled at sea.