What does pp symbol mean on CA license plates?

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The letters PP in a triangle on the left of the plate?

It stands for "Press Photographer"

They are fairly rare. You need to show press credentials at the DMV to receive them, and pay extra each year.

Most media people don't bother with the plates anymore because police would rather see your LAPD issued "News Media Press Card" for I.D. anyway.
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What does a F mean on a white mn license plate?

Answer . \nThe "F" in the circle (kinda) on a Minnesota License plate is to signify that the driver of the automobile is a volunteer Fire Fighter. Simple as that.

What does PC mean on some Delaware state license plates?

Answer . First of all, the letter prefixes no longer carry any meaning. Years ago, the plates with prefixes could only be used on their respective vehicles, but that rule has recently been terminated. Delaware license plates are now in the 6-digit range, and have been since the late 1950's. L ( Full Answer )

Can you get license plates when your license is suspended?

No because when it is suspended it is taken away from you. Yes...in all 50 states, you can buy, own and register a car even if you are suspended. However, most dealerships will require a valid license and insurance to purchase a car. Most insurance companies will also give policies even if you are s ( Full Answer )

What does PP mean next to a signature on a letter?

In the English-speaking countries pp stands for pro persona -which is Latin and literally means for the person [of] or for and on behalf of . No, it doesn't - it stands for 'per procurationem', meaning to act as someone's proxy.

What does 'pp' at the end of a letter mean?

It normally precedes the name of the sender and means per procurationem or on behalf of.. It would be used if the letter was signed by a secretary or assistant and not the person in whose name the letter was sent.. eg signed: Molly Smith pp the Branch Manager

What do numbers in a license plate mean?

Most generally the numbers in a license plate refer to the issuingjurisdiction. Most states use a series of symbols, numbers andletters. Others use a county coding system that includes theexpiration in the plate number.

First numbers on license plate mean?

In my state it's the county number. 1 for Jefferson, 63 for Bibb, 59 for Shelby. It also has to do with population of that county by ranking.

How do you get license plates?

Obtain a car and license first. Then go to your local DMV with the proper papers, fill out an application and pay the fees then you will have your plates!!

What does pp mean in NHL standings?

The NHL doesnt list PP on their official standings, but some standings might list PP as the Power Play %. This basically means what is the percentage of power plays that a team scores a goal on. If you have 10 power plays and only score on 2 of them, then your PP% is 20% (sometimes this number is di ( Full Answer )

What does pp mean when signing for someone else?

pp...it's an abbreviation for the Latin "per procurationem". it is used by any proxy when signing a document on behalf of somebody else. though..many say it comes from "proxima persona" :) (false, i guess :)) )

What would pp 15 ff mean?

page(s) 15 and following.... Yes, thank you.. In fact I 've also found that. pp 15 f : on page 15 and the next;. pp15 ff : on page 15 and the following pages.. I found it here: http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/ff. here also: http://www.acronymfinder.com/FF~6.html. Regards, Wendy Wang

Can you get a Pilot's license in CA with a DUI?

Pilot licenses are issued by the Federal Government, not individual states. The issue would be chemical dependency, and that determination has to be made by the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) when you take your physical. You can call any AME and discuss it with them.

Is license plate fraud a felony in ca?

It can be, yes. Talk to DMV for specifics unless you want some lite reading....California Vehicle Code book. :) Goodluck.

In musical terms what does pp stand for and mean?

In music, the symbol " pp " stands for pianissimo. Pianissimo is known as a dynamic, or indication of the amount of sound that should be produced by the musician as they are playing a section of a piece (volume, loudness). Pianissimo directs the musician to play very softly or quietly. Other dynamic ( Full Answer )

What does pp mean in cricket?

PP stands for PowerPlay - which gives a slight advantage to the batting team with the fielding side limited to Two players outside the inner circle.

What does DA symbol mean on Virginia license plates mean?

Drive-Away License Plate: Issued to persons delivering unladen motor vehicles under their own power from points of assembly or distribution. Issued to banks or lending institutions for the purpose of taking, repossessing, or transporting vehicles for the purpose of preservation, sale, or otherwise i ( Full Answer )

Can you get a cosmetology license in CA if you have a felony?

I do know that you can. I think if the felony is not on ongoing current thing and I think felonies like fraud and some others are more suspect, but that is what I heard. I know though an old felony drug charge will not prevent you from becoming licensed. good luck!

Can a felon get a hunting license in ca?

Certainly. Your record doesn't affect having a hunting license.A felon without rights restored may use a bow or crossbow. A felon with rights restored may use a gun. There was some discussion wherether a muzzle loader is OK for any felon, but that is up in the air. Depends on the state. It was OK ( Full Answer )

What does pp mean in a letter signature?

This comes from the Latin 'per procurationem' which means by delegation to, or through the agency of. It is used when signing documents on behalf of someone else. This is regularly used when a secretary signs a letter on behalf of the person they work for. For example: Yours, pp. (Then signature ( Full Answer )

What does pp mean in a text?

It is short for PER PRO which, in turn, is short for PER PROCURATIONEM, meaning 'through the agency (of)'. It is the accusative case of PROCURATIO. It does not mean 'on behalf of'.

What does pp mean on a signature?

This is something called 'procuration'. The word applies to the delegation of power, in this case usually a secretary authorised to sign a letter on behalf of the director of a company. p.p. stands for 'per procurationem' - sometimes also written as 'per pro'.

What does 14K Pp mean on a ring?

14K Pp marked on a Jewelry item means that it has been Platnum Plated. Usually dipped or sprayed over a base metal of lesser quality. Many people desire antiquated jewelry to be freshened. Rather than to purchase a new or modern setting, they have the stone/s removed and the piece coated. -Lifesphi ( Full Answer )

What age can you get a drivers license in CA?

You can start the process at 15 1/2: enroll in driver's ed and training, study the handbook and apply for your permit, first. After you have held your permit without violations for 6 months, you can apply for a road test and get your license. Please see the related links section for helpful resource ( Full Answer )

Is a front license plate mandatory in CA?

Regardless of the state - if it issues two license plates one MUST be shown on the front AND the rear of the vehicle to which it is assigned. Answer: Yes, in California a front l license plate is mandatory for all motor vehicles other than motorcycles as provided for by Californian Motor Vehicl ( Full Answer )

How much is a marriage license in ca?

Each county in California issues marriage licenses and has its own rules and regulations. You can search marriage license information for a specific Calif. county with "Free Public Records Directory" using the link below.

What does PP mean in music notation?

The notation p in music stands for "piano", meaning "softly." The notation pp in music stands for "pianissimo", meaning " very softly."

Have to have a license plate on a street bike in ca?

That depends upon what you are calling a "street bike". InCalifornia, non-motorized bicycles do not need a license plate. Ifit is a motorized bicycle, it does. Under California's DMV website, there is a page titled"Motorcycles, Mopeds and Scooters Defined". It explains that onlymotorized scooters d ( Full Answer )

What does 'pp' mean in gay adds?

The term "PP" in most adult ads typically stand for "PARTY &PLAY" meaning that while engaging in sexual activity drugs of somesort will be used.

Can you get a insurance license in CA with a felony?

California law allows for the insurance department to deny your license application if you have a felony. That doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot get licensed. You definitely do not want to lie about it on your application to the state, as that can get you into some serious legal trouble.

What does mrc3b pp rp on erb mean?

I can't speak to all the codes and jargon, but M edical R eadiness C ategory (MRC) 3 means you're non-deployable. If you have a 3 anywhere in your PULHES, you will probably have to go through a medboard process. To use me as an example, I have sleep apnea and require the use of a CPAP machine. M ( Full Answer )

Does PC on 1941 California license plates mean Pneumatic commercial?

It probably means Private/commercial. In the state of Delaware they have the same thing you would see this kind of plate on a pick up truck that a private individual would own. now if the truck was a company truck the tag would just have a "c" for commercial.

What does pp mean in recipes?

Not sure without actually seeing it used. It could be pinches, parts per [ as in ppm, parts per million], parts [as in three parts to 1 part], or even pints, or pounds. It should be noted that in editing PP and pp mean new paragraph and pages respectively, if it were left there accidentally while ed ( Full Answer )