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really small. Divided into a billion parts. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. A nanocraig would be one billionth of some guy named Craig.Ex. if you have 650 nm it would be equivalent to 650 x10^-9 m

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What does prefix nano stand for in maths?

The SI nano- prefix means x 10-9

What is the numerical number for the prefix nano?

The prefix "nano" = 1/1,000,000,000 indicates 10^-9 or a billionth.

What does the prefix nano stand for?

'nano' = 'one billionth' = 10-9

Prefix number 9?


What is the prefix meaning billionth?


What type of noun nano is?

'Nano' is not a noun; 'nano' is not even a word, it is a prefix meaning 'one billionth' or used informally as an extremely small part of a whole. Some words with the prefix nano- are nanosecond, nanotechnology, or nanoscale.

What prefix means one billionth?


Prefix meaning one one billionth?


What prefix fits extremly small?

micro- nano-

What is the prefix meaning million?

Nano- means million.

What prefix is used to denote 1-billionth?


The unit of measurement prefix means one billionth?


The prefix that stands for billionth is?

Nano-, a nanometer is a billionth of a meter

Is the multiplying factor for the prefix nano 0.000000001 or 0.1?


What words have the prefix nano?

stupid a*s h*e

What are the metric prefixes for billionth?

The prefix for 10-9 is nano-.

What prefix indicates the largest part of a unit?


What fraction of a minute is a nanominute?

"Nano" is a prefix that means "10-9" or 0.000000001 . One nano-anything is one billionth of it.

What is the metric prefix for ten raised to the negative 9 a centi b micro c milli or d nano?


What is mean nanometer in Science physics?

The prefix "nano" means 10-9, in other words, billionth. So, this means billionth of a meter.

Which metric prefix is largest nano giga mega or kilo?


What does micro micro mean in metric prefix. I know this was an older designation used for a metric prefix. Was it used for nano or pico?

I am not sure but, Micro = 10-6, so Micro micro = 10-12 for which the prefix now is pico.

What does the SI prefix 'nano' mean?

The prefix nano- is equal to 10-9 and is represented by the Greek letter nu, which looks like a lower-case v. But when writing it on tests and papers, just use a lower-case n, so nanoseconds, for example, is abbreviated nsec or ns.It basically means "one billionth." So a nanosecond is one billionth of a second.

What prefix is used for billionth?

Nano is the prefix used for billionth. use this for horse isle 2 ; WaterColorSon's prefix quiz!your fellow horse mate, LittleRedRider

What does the term nano mean?

Nano = Very small.