What does presiosa mean?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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The correct spelling is preciosa and it means precious.

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Q: What does presiosa mean?
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What does como te llamas presiosa mean?

how do you name precious better translation whats the word for precious Possibly "What's your name sweetie?"

What does ola presiosa k ases mean?

it means, Hi pretty, what are you doing? But the dude who wrote that, doesn't know how to write properly even in his language.

What mi amor te cuidas presiosa?

my love, take care, precious.

What does mi amor te kiero un chingo yo tambien te kiero un chingo ok mi chiquita presiosa ya saliste de la school amor lla mi amor mean?

It's misspelled, but it means: "My love, I want a F***. I also love you. One F*** okay my precious little girl. I already left school ?? my love"

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