What does private ownership mean?

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The term private ownership means that something is owned legally by a private party and not through a government agency. Private shareholders are part of owning the private company.
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Does 'dude' mean a camels private?

A dude is the name for the end of a camel's penis to prevent it from getting burnt when it lies down in the hot sand. It also has many other functions: -Attracts Shemals (female camels) when they are menstrating -Helps with pleasure when depressed -A useful source of 'white ink' when their pens r ( Full Answer )

What does private mean in java?

Members marked private can't be accessed by code in any class other than the class in which the private member was declared. Let's make a small change to the Parent class from an earlier example. package pack1; public class Parent { private String getName() { return "Parent"; } } Now ( Full Answer )

What does Private Limited mean?

A private limited company is a private company whose shareholdershave limited liability. As a private company, its shares are notpublically traded and shares are held only by investors. Theseinvestors are only liable for their original investment in thecompany.

What do you mean by Privatization?

Privatization is the transfer of assets from the public sector to the private sector. This is done, in most cases, to increase efficiency. ...However, the act of privatising does not guarantee an increase in efficiency, and so the proposition that it will automatically and certainly increase ef ( Full Answer )

What are the forms of private business ownership?

·Franchises o A business which has bought the right to trade under anestablished name · SoleTraders o Owned, controlled and financed by one person ·Co-operatives o Groups of people who enter business and share the benefits § Consumer Co-operatives § Producer Co-operatives § ( Full Answer )

What are examples of private ownership?

Private ownership is anything owned by an individual or a companyand not the government. Most homes are an example of privateownership, while the courthouse is owned by the government.

What is public or private ownership in fee?

Ownership in fee is the absolute ownership of real property. That means you can sell the property or leave it to your heirs. \n. \nPublic ownership means the land is owned in fee by some government authority such as a Town, City, County or a federal entity. That could be such land as parks, athleti ( Full Answer )

What is ownership?

Ownership is the status of having the right to at least some incidents and benefits of a legally-cognized and legally-recognized property interest, which need not be possessory rights.

Did socialist wanted to end private ownership off businesses and factories?

This question is so poorly worded that it does not deserve an answer. Obviously person who wrote the question does not have sufficient comand of the English language to read an answer anyway.. The point of this sight is to answer their questions, moron. Not to insult their grammar.. socialism for ( Full Answer )

Does the government in China allow private ownership of real property?

There is no system for private land ownership in China. The state took control of all the land during the Communist takeover in 1949. Communist Party officials control land usage rights. Private ownership is a new concept for the Chinese and they have little legal structure for or practical exper ( Full Answer )

What are ownerships?

Ownership is an individua or a group of people who pays for the full cost of a property maintain the property to a required standard.

Does joint ownership mean equal ownership?

In the United States, there are different forms of co-ownership of real property: tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy with the right of survivorship and tenancy in common. . Tenancy by the entirety is a type of joint tenancy reserved for married people only and each party has an equal intere ( Full Answer )

What does private mean?

Personal, not for publication or for general knowledge or discussion. Private means Personal. You don't want anybody to know. Or an enlisted soldier without any rank.

The means of obtaining ownership of personal property?

Let's clarify what is personal property: any property that you own that is not real estate property, such as your personal belongings, car, pets, etc.; now, in the Landlord/Tenant court, your landlord may keep or put out your personal property to the curb once he evicts you from the unit, depending ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase take ownership means?

The phrase "take ownership" means to take responsibility for ones actions. This means not blaming other people (or circumstances or society in general ) for what happens in your life. It can also involve doing what you need to make amends or correct the wrongs you've caused.

What does it mean to take ownership during a customer care call?

Ownership means to "own" something. It is pretty much the first step to good customer service. It is also a great thing to remember in ones private life as well. To "own" something (at work) ie an issue is to take stock of the situation, communicate to the person who had approached you that you wil ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of principal ownership of a joint account?

A Joint Account is when something is accessible by two people and has both their names in/on it. Principal Ownership means they are the main Owner. Sometimes this means that the Principal Owner can do things to the account or the Secondary Owner that the Secondary Owner can't. "PRINCIPAL a ( Full Answer )

What is the standard of the church on private ownership of property?

You haven't provided much detail such as which church and country. United States Private ownership of property is allowed and is governed by state law. Religious corporations may privately own real property under the provisions of state laws.

What is the principle of Private Ownership?

The principle of private ownership is the free market belief that property that is owned by the state, or is communally owned, is not respected or preserved as effectively as that property which is owned by private individuals or corporations. This principle is also commonly referred to as the trage ( Full Answer )

What is social ownership of the means of production?

Social ownership of the means of production refers to the ownershipof the capital equipment and tools used in the production of goodsand services by all of society. The concept of the "means ofproduction" refers to large-scale capital goods and factor inputsthat require social or collective effort t ( Full Answer )

Should US Ban Private ownership of guns If so why Otherwise Why not?

Your question seeks an opinion. My opinion, no. The US Constitution sets limits on what government can and cannot do. The Bill of Rights covers things that they cannot do. One of those things it is not allowed to do is disarm the citizens of the country. Government exists for the benefit of the citi ( Full Answer )

What does private issue of a coin mean?

A "private issue" of a coin is the issue of a, usually non-circulating and non-legal tender coin, by an individual or organisation other than the national issuing authority or central bank in any particular country. Privately issued coins might be issued by a bank as a commemorative, or something l ( Full Answer )

Ownership life cycle in real estate mean?

Ownership Life Cycle is the period during which one person or group owns a real estate asset. it typically has three phrases - acquisition: organization of the venture and development or purchase of the property - operation: property management and management of the company which owns the real e ( Full Answer )

What does privatized mean?

that a business is owned by a 'private person' i.e. not the state/ country. i.e in England the postal service is owned by the state and so it is a public company... everyone pays money (via taxes) to keep that company running... however if they were to 'privatize' the postal service, they would ( Full Answer )

Does due process apply to the private ownership of property?

Yes. Due process provides that the government cannot take your property without proper notice and compensation. Yes. Due process provides that the government cannot take your property without proper notice and compensation. Yes. Due process provides that the government cannot take your prope ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning private member of a class?

It means the member is only accessible to the class itself, and to friends of the class. Protected members are the same as private members but are also accessible to derived classes. Public members are fully accessible.

What theory rejects private property ownership rights?

I also seek an answer to this question. There were Medievalexamples (the Humiliati, Franciscans, etc.). But their 'vows ofpoverty' seem a bit idividualistic/self-indulgent. There are alsosimilar examples in other societies (i.e., the sadhus and sanyasinsof India). Generally, these practices were foc ( Full Answer )

What are the means of production why does the ownership of these divide people?

The means of production are the capital and equipment used toproduce goods. Some people believe that economies work best whenprivate entities own the means of production; others believe theywork best when the public or the state owns them; yet others arguethat they should be owned collectively by th ( Full Answer )

What does the word privatization actually means?

Privatisation is a term used when a program or business is changed from one form into a privately operated form. Examples would be where a publicly traded corporation is taken private when someone or a group of people purchase all the shares of stock and turn the company into a privately operated bu ( Full Answer )

Did Lenin give private ownership of land to the peasants?

No he did not give private ownership of land to the peasants, despite his revolutionary slogan "Peace! Bread! Land!" Land owned by individuals was confiscated from them in the name of the state and not redistributed to the peasants as they were led to believe would happen.

What does ownership mean to the tourism industry?

In the travel and tourism industry common ownership means Inter-relationship also exist where different brands or companies are owned and controlled by the same organisation. the major tour operator, for example, own their own hotels, airlines and travel agencies. this provides various benefits inc ( Full Answer )

Did Thomas More the author of Utopia condemn government and embrace private ownership?

Written in 1516, Thomas More's Utopia is a work of fiction - but it does include criticisms of Kings and government. The problem of Kings starting wars and squandering money is introduced, as well as an argument against executing thieves. More describes the systems as broken, but argues that it is ( Full Answer )

What does private reserve land mean?

It usually means it if being reserved for wildlife. There are usually a lot of these on golf courses and at parks. Enter at own risk. Littering would be strictly prohibited.

What does incoming private number mean?

\n. On a caller ID feature on a phone, "incoming private number" means you are receiving a phone call from a number that has been listed as private, meaning the name of the person owning that number has been blocked from your caller ID list.

What does the concept of fractional ownership mean in finance?

In finance the concept of a fractional ownership means partially owning and sharing by at least two different people. Its something that is usually done when taking the full financial responsibility would be too much for a single person to bear.

What does the term total cost of ownership mean?

The term total cost of ownership means the following; a financial estimate, the term used to help the consumer and enterprise managers to know the cost of the product directly or indirectly, and a management account concept that is used in full cost accounting.

What does it mean to take ownership of a problem with a customer?

To take ownership of a problem with a customer means to take a personal interest in the resolution of the problem. Even if you must involve others to solve the problem, stay involved and make sure that the ball does not get dropped for this customer.

What is the meaning of private property?

Private property is not owned or controlled by the government. The owner has the exclusive right to its use and possession, can sell or mortgage it, and her heirs will inherit it if she dies.