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Q: What does public representative mean in student council?
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What is meaning of SRC?

student Representative council well that is at school any ways... I've also come across it to mean Star Rainbow Company (which is an airsoft company)

What does schulermitverwaltung mean in German?

Schülermitverwaltung is German for Student Council

What does public relations mean in student council?

oversees all advertising and communication of the Council. usually works with all standing committees to develop effective public relations, advertising activities and informing the student body and community at large of upcoming events through all media types, serving as a liaison to the school newspaper and graphic arts

What does innitiation mean?

It means to swear someone into somethimg like Student Council for example.

What form of government do us citys have?

all and i mean all US cities have 3 types of governments: -a city council -a legislative branch -representative governmen

What do student council mean?

At a school, the student council (a part of the student government) is a group of students who are elected to represent all of the students in a school or university. They deal with issues that affect the students, and they sometimes negotiate with the administration (the principal and vice principal of a high school, for example) to handle problems the students are having.

What does da-DUI-zhang mean?

Da-dui-zhang: In a Chinese elementary school, the student chairman of the entire school, roughly equivalent to the Student Council President in an American school.* definition from the book: Red Scarf Girl

How did the roman representative develop?

You need to specify what you mean by Roman representative.

What does the acronym rsvsra mean?

representative and relevant It's B. relevant and representative

What does it mean for a representative to act as a delegate?


The words that mean opposite of representative?


What does student relationship mean?

Relationship to student can mean a few different things. The most common interpretation is just how a person knows the student.