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What does puma stand for?

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"Puma" is spelled and pronounced the same way in English and in Spanish. A puma is a cougar, similar to a mountain lion.

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Puma is the name given to this big cat by the Incas of South America.

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Who would win puma or lion?

what are you thinking a puma will just run away because a lion is awesome answer 2 a lion a puma could stand a chance answer 3 a lion pumas won't stand in the heat there ment for the cold i think answer 4 lion

What does the acronym puma in robotics stand for?

Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly

Who would win a fight a puma or a tiger?

It would be no real contest. A healthy adult tiger would easily win a confrontation with a puma, because they are significantly larger in size. Puma would'nt stand a chance

What is the height of a puma?

Adult pumas stand about 60 to 90 cm (24 to 35 in) tall at the shoulders.

What is the specific name of the puma?

Did you mean "What is the scientific name of the puma"? The scientific name for the puma is Puma concolor.

What is the genus of a puma?


What is the sceintific name for puma?

The puma or mountain lion is Puma Concolor.

What is the word 'puma' when translated from English to Japanese?

It will remain "puma."

How do you put puma in a sentence?

I have a pet Puma. I have clothes made by puma. simple

What is a male puma called?


Who is the animal on the brand Puma?

A puma.

What logo has a puma?

Puma shoes

What is the genus of the puma concolor?


Are puma guns good?

puma guns are bad. dont buy them. anything but a puma gun. puma guns can eat dirt.

Are PUMA shoes worth buying?

Depends.if yourun - asicsdance- pumaworkout - puma or asics or nikebike- puma

What is a food chain of a puma?

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - PumaThe puma, or mountain lion, is a top predator.

Is the puma an herbivore?

No, the puma is an obligate carnivore. It eats no plants.

The Panthera genus of Felidae includes the roaring cats such as the lion and all but which of these which is actually the genus Puma?

The genus of the puma is - Puma - as in Puma concolor.

Can a puma beat a bear?

A mountain lion, or puma, is much smaller than a brown or black bear. It is unlikely that it would attempt to fight a bear. If it did, it would probably lose, but it could stand a chance to escape up a tree.

In what kingdom is a puma?

The puma is in the kingdom Animalia.

What are the specicfic names for a puma?

Puma concolor

Can a cougar kill a puma?

A cougar is a puma...

How do you say puma in Russian?

Puma (pooma).

What is the scientific name for puma?

The scientific name of a puma is Puma concolor. Verify this by clicking on this link.

What does the food web of a puma look like?

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - Puma

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