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Q: What does put first things first mean?
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What is put first thing first?

it means to do the things you need to do first then you can do the fun things next

What does habit three?

Put first things first.

What does it mean to classify things?

what does ut mean to classify animals

What does classify mean science?

to classify means to put things into groups

What does the proverb idiom put to rest mean?

If you put something to rest, you solve the problem and end things.

What improvements have been made to facebook?

they have put reports up if someone put mean or bad things up

Who invented wool?

What do you mean by this? Who first spun wool or who first put it to use?

What does to put in the same direction mean?

To arrange things facing the same way.

What does the name Singletary mean?

It could mean anything it could mean nice and mean things just put it this way it could mean anything

What does 'first inhabitants' mean?

It means the first people or things to live in an area.

What do you think my ex girlfriend means when they say that to be friends and that they need to sort things out first?

Hey mean that you need to put your feelings for her behind you and move on before you become friends.

How maths is used in building things?

first you get a banana and you put it into your favorite ear