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Q: What does race does hemophilia affect?
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How did hemophilia affect European politics and monarchies?

When people would dispute who should claim the throne when the heirs died from hemophilia.

What part of the respiratory does hemophilia affect?

Typically it does not affect the respiratory system at all. The only time it would if if the person suffers an injury that causes bleeding into the lungs. At that point, I think Hemophilia would be the least of their concerns

Can a genetic disease affect anybody?

Exceptions are always there e.g hemophilia and many bleeding disorders don't affect females.

Does hemophilia affect a person's genetic makeup?

Well yes this is because it is genetically inherited

How does race affect religion?

it doesn't affect

Does Hemophilia affect men more than woman?

Yes. In fact hemphilia only affect men. The condition is tied to the male chromosome.