What does range for data mean?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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say you have...15, 13, 20, 12, 18, and 15. You take the largest number (20) and subtract the smallest number (12) from it. This gives you the answer 8. So that's how you find it! lol.

From: webkinzandMCR on Youtube! :D

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Q: What does range for data mean?
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What does data range mean?

Data Range is the values of the data from the minimum to the maximum that you are sampling. For plotting purposes(such as in EXCEL spreadsheet), it is the minimum and Maximum range of the values of X-Axis and Y-Axis.

If this data set is not symmetrical why does the mean nearly equal the range?

The mean being equal to the range has nothing to do with symmetry.

What does range of data mean?

The difference between the largest and smallest numbers in your data set.

What is range mean madin and mode mean?

all the data added together

Is descriptive data a technique?

No, descriptive data is not a technique; it is data that describe the sample such as mean, SD, mode, and range.

Does range mean total?

no. range is when, looking at a set of data, you subtract the lowest number from the highest number. this gives you the range.

How can determining the mean and median and range help to analyze your experimental data?

Analyzing the mean, median, and range of your experimental data helps establish patters present in the data set. Analyzing the mean will define the quantitative average, analyzing the median will find the number that is center most, and analyzing the range will find the difference between the largest and smallest number in the data set. Good luck!

What does range mean in maths?

In mathematics, the range is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers in a set of data.

What does the range of the data mean?

subtract the lowest number from the highest number

Can a data set have the same mean median mode and range?


What is the mode median mean and range of 65?

The mode, median, and range of a single data point such as 65 are all the data point itself, 65 in this instance.

What does mode average mean in maths?

The three central tendencies are mean, median and mode. Sometimes mid-range is used. Mean, arithmetic mean, add all the data and divided by the number of pieces of data. Median is the middle number when all the data is arranged in order. The average of the two middle pieces of data is you have an even number of data. Mode is the data that appears the most. Mid-range is the average of the least and greatest pieces of data.