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What does recess mean?

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recess means to play outsideor a delious candy

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Take a break

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Why is recess a homograph what can it mean?

recess can mean 2 things

What does recreation mean in french?

In schools, it means a recess.

What does recreo mean in Spanish?

"Recreo" means "recess."

Should recess be banned?

ok. In my opinion recess could be band. You don't really need recess at all. I mean think about middle schoolers and high schoolersthey don't ave recess (depending on te state). Recess is a fun thing to have every once in a while but not every day. Recess is just somethin that teachers do to get rid of students for a little bit. Teachers need their time to (if you know what i mean). i hope i havebeen of some assinstince. and that's a poor question by the way.

What does time flew when they were at recess mean?

It means the recess time went fast. This idiom has the same meaning -- Time flies when you are having fun

What does que comes en el recreo mean?

What do you eat during recess?

What is rihannas favorite candybar?

recess recess

What is the antonym of recess?

The antonym of recess is raise.

What is the plural for recess?

The plural of recess is recesses.

Is recess a privilege?

Is recess a right or a privilege ?.

What is a recess monkey?

One who likes to be at recess

Where are the anterior supraoptic recess and the infundibular recess?

The third ventricle contains two saclike recesses called the anterior supraoptic recess and the infundibular recess

Why should have recess because?

Because children build there energy at recess and recess keeps children healthy

What is recess?

Recess means different things: 1. Recess can be a small hole or niche. 2. Recess can be a break between events. 3. Recess can be stopping action.

Whhy don't middle schools have recess?

becauce they are to old and teachers are somtimes mean.

What is a nich?

If you mean niche - a shallow recess in a wall to display a statue or other ornament

What does time flew mean in this sentence Time flew when they were at recess?

time goes fast

What is lateral recess encroachment?

lateral recess encroachment

What is the plural of recess?

The plural form of recess is recesses.

Where do Jamaicans go for recess?

how long are Jamaicans recess

What is the meaning of the word recess?

It depends on which 'recess' you mean. There are different definitions for this word. One meaning of recess refers to a break from business which no work is done. One example could be when the judge calls recess during court proceedings. Another example could be the recess during school time, when students are allowed a short break from their lesson/s. I suggest you use a dictionary-since there are more meanings-in case you would like to know the rest.

What candy better sneaker or recess?

recess, because it has chocolate.

What is an alcove?

=A recess in a room; hook.==A recess in a room; hook.=

When was Recess Records created?

Recess Records was created in 1989.

Do all schools have recess?

It depends, no english schools have recess, they have break or playtime, but yes all schools do have 'recess', americans....