What does recycling turn to?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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When you recycle paper it turns from normal paper to recycled paper; which is taken somewhere else and sold as recycled paper that can be reused and recycled again and keep going for a long time. To recycle paper (or plastic, rubber, etc.) you would take it to a recycling plant (or if one is in your area, put it into the recycling dumpster). They do all the rest.

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Usualy the same thing it was before, just new and improved.

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Q: What does recycling turn to?
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Can I get money for turning my laptop in for computer recycling?

Yes, you can get a store discount at Staples if you turn your laptop in for recycling.

How can garbage turn into papers by using machine?

recycling easy=)

How do recycling centers make money?

When you bring items to a recycling center, they will pay you a small amoung. The recycling center, in turn, makes money by reselling the things you bring in to companies that will process the items to make new goods.

What is the relationship between natural resources and recycling?

Recycling reduces the amount of natural resources that must be used. That in turn leave more natural resources available for the future.

How do you start a recycling business at the age of 16 in New York?

Pick up discarded empty returnables and turn them in for cash at recycling centers. Save the money earned for future advancement.

How people change the natural environment into human environment?

By Recycling, Carpooling,Turn off lights when you go out of the room and Turn off water from the sink

How do you turn into a recycling bin on Club Penguin?

You have to have all of the stealth EPF suit then I believe dance and then you will be a bin

What is home recycling?

home recycling is recycling

Where can one turn in used IT equipment for recycling?

One could recycle used IT equipment, such as printing supplies and computers, by contacting HP. HP has offered a recycling program for unwanted and used IT devices since 1987.

Where can one purchase a recycling bin?

To begin with, you can ask the local trash company in your neighborhood if they rent or sell recycling bins. If this is not lucrative, then you may want to search on line places such as EBay or Your local Craig's list. Again, if this does not work, a web based search for recycling bins will certainly turn up one.

The process of reclaming raw materials and reusing them is called?


What are some simple make money ideas?

Start out by going to garage sales and finding things that need repaired. You can then turn around and sell them again. Recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum at a recycling center will get you some quick money.