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Octillery at level 25. Also if you have Remoraid in the party you can evolve a Mantyke into a Mantine.

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Q: What does remoraid evolve into in Pokemon platinum?
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Where is a Pokemon trainer that has octillery in Pokemon platinum?

There is no trainer with it, but you can evolve remoraid at level 25.

How do you evolve Mantyke in Pokemon Platinum?

u should have a remoraid in your party and level up mantyke

Where can you find a Octillery on Pokemon platinum?

Use the Good rod in Pastoria City to catch a Remoraid and evolve it.

What level does remoraid evolve in Pokemon white?

Remoraid evolves into Octillery at Level 25.

What level does Remoraid evolve on Pokemon Pearl?

A remoraid hmm? i It evolves at lvl25,into a octilliry.

What level remoraid evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How can you catch Remoraid in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't but you can catch a Remoraid in Emerald and migrate the Remoraid over to D/P/Pt.

What does a remoraid evolve into?

Remoraid is known to evolve into the Pokemon Octillery. Octillery is a red and orange colored squid like Pokemon with yellow spots where suction cups would be.

How do you evolve remoraid if it is over level 25 Pokemon platinum?

A Remoraid that is Level 25 or higher will still keep on attempting to evolve each level except for once it hits Level 100. Once it's at Level 100, it cannot gain additional levels so it will be stuck as a Remoraid.

Where would you find octillery in platinum?

you evolve a remoraid,or get it in certain areas with the super rod.

When does remeroid from Pokemon evolve?

Remoraid evolves into Octillery at level 25.

How do you make a matyke evolve?

The only way to evolve it is to level it up with a Remoraid in your Pokemon Party.

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