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It may be a meaningless term that includes full and semi auto. As real repeaters are lever action.

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Q: What does repeater mean for an airsoft gun?
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What does repeater mean for air soft?

An airsoft repeater is an airsoft gun that you have to cock to get each round in the chamber.

Is the Crosman airsoft pulse r76 repeater airsoft gun have a wind clip?

Yes, the Pulse R76 clip requires a quick wind-up after releasing a certain number of pellets.

What does single repeater mean for an airsoft gun?

It means that your airsoft gun can only fire one BB every time you pull the trigger (semi-auto). It's on the contrary to burst (fire three BBs in a single trigger pull) or full auto when you can fire a lot of BBs in a single trigger pull.

What do the colours mean on an airsoft gun?

if you mean orange tip that it is a airsoft gun and that its not a real gun so you dont get shot by cops. if your talking about the bright colors on guns in the UK its the law unless you have a licence.

Should you get bike parts or an airsoft gun?

An Airsoft gun

What is a pump airsoft gun?

A pump airsoft gun is a gun that has to be pumped every time before shooting. Ex. Airsoft shotgun

Can you put an electric airsoft gun magazine in a spring airsoft gun?


Do airsoft cannon hurt?

An Airsoft Cannon? You mean Gun? At your age maybe. You get used to it. Also, It depends on the Joules of the BBs.

Does a kp5 sd6 airsoft gun need lube. its an electric airsoft gun.?


What is ppsh-41 airsoft?

It is an airsoft gun based of the PPSH-41 gun

Do you need a license in New Jersey to have an airsoft gun?

You never need a license to have an Airsoft gun.

Is a bb gun the same as a airsoft gun?