What does response mean in biology?


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It means to respond to what someone said

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biology: biology is a subject that you can be taught

A positive response is when a response happens to a stimuli, and this response causes more of the stimuli to happen. A negative response is when a response happens because of a stimuli, and the response stops the continuation of the stimuli.

biology is the study life

give me your answer. I need your response

i think you mean anti-body

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A Bachelor of Arts in Biology. It's a degree.

Seta in biology is bristel or stiff hair.

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Speciation in biology means the growing of new species.

forward or before. I think its the same for biology.

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Biology is the study of living and non living organisms.

A response is an answer or reply that can be in a word or action.

Bio means life, so biology is the study of life.

Bio = life logy = the study of Biology = The Study of Life

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In Biology, Thigmotropism is the turning or bending of a plant or other organism in response to a touch stimulus.

what do you mean? kung saan ba gagamitin ang biology......dba biology is the study of life................

All the muscels in your body. There's the skeletal, muscular...basic biology terms.(response to the answer: n*** fist n**** fist n*** fist)Please do not spam these answers, thank you.

Biology. It is a cognate.

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