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plated sterling silver

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Q: What does ring stamp p ster inside ring mean?
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What does STER stamped on the inside of a ring mean?


What does a letter followed by STER mean in the inside of a ring?


What does the marking R STER on the inside of a ring mean?

The marking "R STER" on the inside of a ring typically indicates that the ring is made of sterling silver. "R" stands for "sterling" and confirms that the metal content is at least 92.5% pure silver.

What does ster mean on a ring?


What does F1 STER 10K mean when written on inside of ring?

In newer designs Ive seen where Ster/10K indicates that the ring is sterling silver, plated with 10K gold. In older designs, the 2 stamps usually mean that part of the ring is sterling and part of the ring is 10K gold.

Did Tiffany and co produce key ring 1901?

stamp tiffany and co ster 926. other side states Rockefeller university 1901

What is the meaning of 'sts' on the inside of a ring?

The abbreviation "sts" on the inside of a ring stands for "sterling silver."It is not my understanding that this is an approved stamp for sterling silver. Jewelry that is sterling silver can be marked sterling ster. or 925 and up to show the content of the sterling per other metals. STS is a jewelry company that has a New york, Canadian, and foreign base. So likely the ring is a maker's mark.

You got a ring and it says wm ster 10k what does that mean?

I Believe It would be the ring being sterling silver with 10k black hills gold.

If your ring says 925 does that mean it cant be white gold?

A 925 stamp on a ring signifies that it is sterling silver, not white gold. The stamp "925" refers to the metal's purity level, which is 92.5% silver mixed with other metals. White gold typically carries a different stamp such as "14K" or "18K" to indicate its gold content.

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