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Q: What does rubbing your feet together while trying to sleep indicate?
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Is it possible to dream about trying to sleep?

Yes, it is possible to dream about trying to sleep.

How Do Zebras Work As A Team?

they all trvel together and keep each and every one of them safe and when they are trying to protect them from their predators and they work together to find food and water.. they sleep together

Why do my nipples taste like metal?

Because people are rubbing their balls on you whilst you sleep ;)

Is it better to breathe in cold air vs hot air when you sleep?

trying to lose weight sleep in cold, trying to gain weight sleep in hot.

Do Spencer and Toby from Pretty Little Liars sleep together?

Yes, they do sleep together, they sleep together in season 3 Episode 24 , ''A DANGEROUS GAME'' .

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He may still be trying to sleep with you for only him... he may like to sleep with you.. or maybe he likes you and his new girlfriend..

Did faith sleep with 2pac?

no they did not sleep together they just met at a club and took a picture together

Do butterflies sleep with their wings together?

Sometimes, it depends on the weather. If it is sunny out, they won't sleep at all. If it is cold out, they'll sleep with their wings together.

What does it mean if you dream about someone rubbing your elbow?

Rubbing the elbow has no particular symbolic significance. It is possible that the dreamer's elbow rubbed against something during sleep, and that sensation triggered the dream.

How many seconds do it take before someone goes to sleep from rubbing rubbing alcohol on a napkin over someones mouth?

I'd, say pretty close to forever, as it won't work.

How do you make you stomach stop hurting?

If your trying to sleep then sleep side ways it helps me.

What volume do shigure and akito sleep together?

They sleep together in volume 17, and kiss again in volume 23.