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It tastes absolutely awful . The best way i could describe it is just taking in pure bitterness. High is very nice though. However you can get around because now a days sites are offering flavored stuff i haven't tried it myself , but if you want go to Hope i helped!

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โˆ™ 2011-01-19 23:28:11
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Q: What does salvia taste like when you smoke it?
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Can you smoke Victoria blue salvia?

Yes but there is better salvia

Can you smoke salvia nemorosa?

You could smoke Salvia nemorosa, but it would likely not produce a psychotropic effect.

Can you smoke salvia stems?

Yes you can get high off the salvia stems.

Is Salvia Bonfire the kind of Salvia you buy to smoke and get high?

Salvia bonfire and other salvia varieties are not safe for smoking or getting high. People are dying from trying to smoke chemically altered vegetation.

Can you smoke the salvia plant from you nearest growing store?

You have to make sure is the right species. You can only smoke Salvia Divinorum, you can ask the teller about it. Another way to smoke salvia is getting some extracts.

What do you do with salvia divinorum extract?

smoke it

What smoke shops in minnesota sell salvia?

Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia, I suggest you to try an online store.

What shops in Baltimore sell salvia?

Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia.

What does Silvia look like?

Silvia is a female persons name. They look like any other person in the world. Like me my name is Silvia its just like the name Sylvia but with an "i" instead of a "y" but if you mean salvia that's another thing. Salvia is a drug and i dont know what it looks like. Go on Google and type "salvia" or "salvia smoke" or something like that. And then click on the "images" section

Can you smoke all salvia?

Yes, but Salvia Divinorum is the only Salvia that has any hallucinogenic effect, the rest are from the same family as Sage or Mint.

Is miley cyurs really smoking?

Miley did smoke Salvia, but she does not smoke it regulary.

What is the new drug call salvala?

I'm not sure why this question is under "Ecstasy", but Salvia is a legal herb in the mint family known for causing severe halluciniations. You can smoke it like weed and the high supposedly lasts for 5-15 minutes. Salvia on its own is not very potent, but the salvia you buy at the smoke shops has added chemicals that increase the potencey by salvia by my estimate of 10.

What does lightning taste and smell like?

Smells like smoke and would taste pringlely, like a shock.

What is the effect of salvia on asthma?

You should ask that to your doctor, salvia is used by smoking it, though salvia's smoke is not unhealthy as cigarette's are, any kind of smoke is bad for people with asthma.

Can you snort salvia divinorum?

I wouldn't do that, it would probably hurt like hell. Just smoke it or better yet just go smoke some pot.

Do you have to smoke salvia?

There are other methods of taking Salvia divinorum, but smoking it is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of use.

Why can you only smoke salvia divinorum and not mystic blue?

Salvia divinorum is the only species in the genus Salvia that contains Salvinorins. Thus, smoking other species of Salvia, including the ornamental Mystic Blue, would not have the same effect.

Would you pass a urinalysis for work if you were to smoke salvia?

Absolutely! Don't worry. The only test that can detect salvia is made by the military.

What part of the salvia plant do you smoke?

The leaves. The flower doesn't do nothing to you

Is salvia illegal to smoke in New York?

No. Salvia is currently fully legal in New York State. For more information on the legal status of salvia divinorum, see the Related Links below.

Does salvia smell?

Salvia smells a little like sage.

How much salvia do you have to smoke to trip?

all you need to trip is one hit. hold it in as long as you can. how hard you trip depends on how strong the salvia is

Does Miley Cyrus chew or smoke marijuana?

She was smoking a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

Can you smoke purple salvia?

Yes but most people have a bad experience doing it.

Is there any other plant you can smoke to get high instead of marijuana?

Yes it's called spice "herbal incense" and just marketed that way. If you decide to smoke it, you will experience salvia like effects.