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Schokolade is a German word and it means chocolate.

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Q: What does schokolade mean in enghlish?
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What is the German word for chocolate?

I was taught 'Schokolade' is chocolate in German, it is feminine so it would be 'Die schokolade' (the chocolate) or 'Eine schokolade' (a chocolate).Schokolade.

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What are many translations for chocolate?

german- Schokolade

How do you spell chocolate in German?

Die Schokolade.

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The cast of Schokolade im Bauch - 2006 includes: Anton Schmidt as Der Junge

How do you say chocolate dog in German?

Schokolade Hund

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Wieviel Schokolade stopfen die Schweizer in sich rein?

Wie viel Schokolade stopfen die Schweizer in sich rein? translates as How much chocolate do the Swiss stuff down their throats?

How do you say my favourite chocolate is in German?

Meine Lieblings- Schokolade ist