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Q: What does science have to do with fashion designing?
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How can you study new fashion designing software as you have already done a fashion designing course 3 years back?

science you has 3years fashion designing course, i think it is easy to study the fashion design software, as the software is just a tool, you genius and ability to design is most important

Is science is required for fashion designing?

To get a degree in fashion designing, a science coarse may be required. Some colleges offer testing out of a coarse rather than physically being in the class for the set amount of hours. It is best to ask questions directly to the college in relation to a fashion designing education for accurate information due to different requirements colleges have.

Can you join a fashion designing course after btech?

Can any person join fashion designing after his /her IT

What are some fashion designing pictures?

fashioning designing pictures can be your fashion sketches,storyboard or processed garnment

Which fashion designing college of mumbai is the best?

Virtual Voyage World is the best College for Fashion Designing

How is science involved in fashion designing?

You have to study textiles which is a form of chemistry. I had to do a quarterly report on it in my chemistry class. You have to know what they are made from and how they mix and such.

What is better fashion designing or interior designing?

well um i think they are both types of fashion so i think both but if i had to pick one answer it would be fashion designing because i am in to fashion makeup and all that jazz but not too much

Will you have to be licensed for fashion designing?


What does the fashion designing entail?


Which is the best institude for fashion designing in indore?

Virtual Voyage World is the best Institute for fashion designing in indore

What are the different branches in fashion designing?

Fashion designing will have different branches. There will be the designers, the seamstress and the marketing branches for example.

Can you give all the details for fashion designing course after 10th?

Hi, Please visit the Hunar Online Courses website you can get detailed info about fashion designing courses