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For a coin with a given obverse, the reverse may change over a period of time. Coins of British Commonwealth countries for example, have Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. As she has aged, her portrait is updated every 15 to 20 years, so you have first portrait, second portrait, third portrait, etc. A coin with an unchanging obverse, such as the US one cent coin, may change the design on the reverse periodically so, you have first reverse, second reverse, third reverse, etc. These terms should not be confused with first issue, second issue, etc. when the design of the entire coin is changed, possibly including its size and metallic construction.

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Q: What does second reverse and third reverse mean on a coin?
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What does obverse mean in coin collecting terms?

It means the front side the "heads" of the coin. The reverse is the opposite end often called the "tails" of a coin.

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If you mean a mint mark on the reverse of the coin, it's a D or S but not a P. Please look at the coin again.

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How much is a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar worth if the image is upside down?

It depends what you mean when you say "the image is upside down":-- If you mean that the front (or obverse) of the coin is upside down relative to the back (or reverse) of the coin when rotated around a vertical axis, this is called coin orientation (as versus medal orientation, in which both the obverse and reverse are oriented the same way) and is how the coin is (and indeed, how all US coins are) supposed to be minted.-- If you mean that the portrait on the obverse is upside down relative to the wording and date on the obverse, then you are describing an error that should not be possible given how the coin dies are produced.-- If you mean that there are two images of the portrait on the obverse, one upside down relative to the other, this would be a double struck error, and would have value to an error collector (especially as such error usually have the second striking more or less aligned with the first).-- If you mean that there is a shadow of an inverse (that is, mirror image) of the portrait on the reverse of the coin, this is called a brockage error and has value to a collector of coin errors.

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Can a double headed quarter be real?

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No such thing as a "Eagle Mark" on any US coin. If you mean a mintmark? They are little tiny letters on the reverse of the coin, and can only be a D or S on this coin.

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