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Establishments that advertise self-catering accommodation usually provide fully equipped accommodation that will enable guests to prepare their own meals. This relieves the accommodation owner of the responsibility and enables the guest to have a more economical holiday then might be the case if you are staying in a hotel or a bed and breakfast.
Most self-catering establishments will also expect that guests take the responsibility for cleaning and servicing their accommodation.
For more information you can refer to the link that I have provided that will give you information about self catering accommodation in Cape Town, South Africa.xx
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What is a self catering holiday?

Self catering holidays are a popular family option because they offer more spacious and economical accommodation than a hotel or B'n B and, in addition there is a considerable saving when preparing one's own meals. This type of accommodation is very popular with overseas visitors to South Africa.

What does accommodate mean?

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Which is better Catered vs self catering at the University of Liverpool?

It depends what you're looking for.. Catered gives you the chance to meet lots of people quickly but there is less choice and if you have dietary requirements or are a fussy eater it may be a bad choice.. Self catering means you don't meet as many people as quickly, but eventually everyone who is ( Full Answer )

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Define self catering?

For accomadation it means: doing all the cooking yourself otherwise going out for meals. Its also means that food prices doesn't come under that bracket and needs to be supplied by yourself. Hope that helps

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What is more cheaper self catering or villa?

Villas imply that one rents a luxury home; self catering accommodation can be an apartment, a cabin or cottage. Both options are self catering, but the Villa is likely to be more expensive.

What is a self-catering holiday?

What is a self-catering holiday? Self catering implies that one rents accommodation which is equipped for the preparation and consumption of meals and beverages, thus making an economical holiday, particularly for the family. .

How do you find self catering accommodation in France?

Proprietors of self catering accommodation know that the best way to be found by guests is to make extensive use of marketing on the Internet. In order to find what you want you simply have to type the keywords " self catering accommodation france" or the name of the French region that you wish to v ( Full Answer )

What is accommodator catering?

accomodators are persons with special skills in cooking,baking,and serving. usually the client provides for the food and equipment. This type of catering is usually done on a part-time basis but you can be developed into a full-time occupation.

How is self catering accommodation units graded?

Self catering accommodation in South Africa is graded by the Tourism Grading Council. This ensures that guests get an appropriate standard of accommodation. Luxury accommodation would be graded 4 or 5 star, whilst affordable self catering accommodation (such as ours) will be graded 3 star.

Definition of self-catering accommodation?

Self-catering accommodation means doing all the cooking yourself instead of going out for meals. Its also means that food prices doesn't come under that bracket and needs to be supplied by yourself. So all self-catering lodges will have a kitchen for you to accomodate yourself.

What does pw self-catering flat mean?

A that is offered pw, implies that the cost is given per week rather than per night. Most self catering establishments quota price per night but will be negotiable on longer stays.

What is similar about a hotel and self catering apartments?

The similarity is that both are accommodation options for a holiday or a weekend. We find that our self catering apartments are more popular with families as a holiday accommodation because they offer a living room and kitchen making them more spacious than a hotel room or suite.

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What does self catering cottage means?

Self catering cottage means doing all the cooking yourself insteadof going out. All the self catering cottages have a kitchen toaccomodate yourself.

Will Olympic visitors to Dorney Lake be better off staying in rented self catering accommodation?

Judging by the prices of hotels in the area, it would be far preferable to rent a house instead. You can eat when you want, enjoy a garden or a swimming pool and in some cases even walk to the venue through the North Entrance. There are some houses to let right opposite the Windsor Racecourse, which ( Full Answer )

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What is a self catered room?

It means you only get the room with no meals provided. You have to get your own breakfast , lunch and evening meals

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What do self catering apartments entail?

self catering apartments offer many things such as oven cleaning stove and dishwasher cleaning as well as a host of things that are self cleaning or needed check wikipedia for more information

What is self-catering apartment?

Self-catering apartments are places that you can rent while out oftown to get a home away from home experience.

What is self catering apartment?

A self-catering apartment is a place in which you live where youare free to operate on your own. You have the liberty to use thekitchen how you please, spend your leisure time how you desire, andclean and arrange things the way you like.

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