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Wat does service code wat mean on a Honda Odyssey

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2012-03-02 03:33:01
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Q: What does service code A2 mean on a Honda odyssey?
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What does service code A15 mean on 2005 Honda Odyssey?

What does A15 mean for a 205 Honda Odyssey

What does service code B1 mean on 2011 Honda Odyssey?

An explanation of service codes are on page 612 of your owners manual.

Service code A12 mean on a Honda Odyssey?

A12 is oil change, tires rotation and Air and Pollen Filter Replacement.

What does Honda odyssey service code B34 mean?

This is the service reminder for replacing the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, and I believe the transmission fluid change too.

What does the code A123 mean on a 2008 Honda Odyssey?

The code A123, in your 2008 Honda Odyssey, is a reference that the air filter may need to be changed. A code should reset after changing the air filter.

What does the A1 code for 2006 Honda odyssey mean?

Oil Change Time

What does service code 13 mean on a Honda odyssey?

1. Rotate tires, check pressure, and condition of tires. 3. Change transmission fluid.

What does service code a123 mean on a Honda Pilot 2010?

What does service code A123 mean on a Honda accord V6 2010 Read

What does service code 7 mean on a Honda accord?

There are only 6 service codes for the Honda Accord. Never heard of service code 7.

What does A13 service code mean on a Honda odyssey?

A means replace engine oil. 1 means rotate tires. 3 means replace transmission oil.

What does code A 125 mean for a 2006 Honda Odyssey?

According to manual, this is a reminder to change coolant.

What does B123 service code for a 2009 honda accord mean?

The B123 service code for a 2009 Honda Accord refers to a problem with the computerized monitoring system. The exact problem can be identified by a Honda service technician.

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