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Sex can feel like many of things. Sex can feel good to some and can hurt too if it is your first time.

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Q: What does sex feel like does it hurt or feel good?
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Does rough sex feel better than smooth sex?

rough sex is good, but smooth sex is better so it cannot hurt anybody!

Does it hurt when a girl first has sex i want to but my friend says it feels bad for a start what does it feel like?

if your sisteris sexi and she want sex with other

If you are a man you feel attracted to a boy the boy feels attracted to the same person they have Sex what will it feel like?

Dpends on how they feel about it afterwards. Was it just sex, probaly feel guilt. Was there more then sex, it could be quite good feeling.

Why do people sexually hurt other people?

Some people like the pleasurable feeling after sex, which is not good. :(

What is a good dare question to give someone of the opposite sex?

a good dare question could be have you ever had sex before and wat did it feel like.

What do vibrating sex toys feel like?

they feel so good you should try one its heaven it gives me orgasms

How do you feel after sex?

you feel sick happy sexy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo and it makes u feel like u want to have sex again you feel incredible and you want to do it again and again and u feel sexy cause your naked and hot and good

What does sex feel like Yahoo Answers?

With a good partner it feels like Euphoric cannot get enough of it.

Is he feeling you?

if he has no problem being close to you you have a good sex life and feel like he truly love you.

What do you do when you want to feel good?

you have good long sex

Does sex feel good to a girl?

yea it does alot feel so good to a girl

How do you make a women feel good?

Sex :)