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Shallow moments might refer to a moment when a person makes a decision that seems shallow. For example a person might have a shallow moment when he or she chooses a date just by the person's looks.
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What does being shallow mean?

Shallow mean's that you judge someone on there appearance Not on what's inside of that person.

What does a shallow grave mean?

A "shallow grave" is informally used to indicate any kind of illicit grave dug by an individual. It is especially applied to graves that are just a few inches deep, although might sometimes be used for a grave of a couple feet, even where that might fulfill local burial requirements. There is a pop ( Full Answer )

What does it mean by saying something is of no moment?

"Moment" in this sense is used in the same sense as the word "momentum." When someone says something is of "no moment," they mean that the thing has no force, or no ability to change anything.

What is the meaning of shallow?

lacking physical depth; having little spatial extension downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or outward from a center; "shallow ... make shallow; "The silt shallowed the canal" not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply; "shallow breathing"; "a night of shallow fretful sleep"; ( Full Answer )

What does a dipole moment of 0.1 mean?

It means that the product of the amount of separated charges, times the distance between the charges, in whatever units were selected, is that much.

What does blond moment mean?

Stereotypically, blonds are considered stupid or air-headed. To have a blond moment is to have a moment when you make a stupid mistake or your brain stops working for a minute. You act like an airhead.

What is the meaning of the lyrics 'A Moment Like This'?

A Moment Like This is a song that talks about love and how manypeople wait forever for a perfect love and do not even recognize itwhen it is present. The song speaks of recognizing those wonderfulmoments and appreciating them.

What does come to Jesus moment mean?

The phrase is based on the "concept" of the moment at which you decide to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but it has a secular meaning. A "come to Jesus moment" refers to a dawning, epiphany or agreement following a disagreement. It refers to when the light blub comes on and you underst ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a 'shallow person'?

'Shallow,' when used to describe a person, is a generally derogatory term that derives its meaning from being the polar opposite of 'deep.' People are seldom described as being 'deep,' but their viewpoints, opinions, observations, thoughts, ideas, etc. can be so depicted. 'Deep' thoughts or ideas ( Full Answer )

What does defining moments mean?

An event, action, or decision that results in a significant change for a person, institution, community, country or the world.

What does moments mean in science?

A "moment" is a measure of how far a physical variable acts from some axis, R. For example; a water wheel is placed in a river so the force of the moving water hits the blades on the rim of the wheel and rotates it about its axis. The water force F acts near the rim . The moment of force is the forc ( Full Answer )

What does shallow is as shallow does mean?

you only care if you good like winning ifyou lose you are mad but if you won you ok i think it means that you are a show off the bad way and not take it for a fun game

What is the Meaning of crystal moment by Robert coffin?

the story is told by a witness who is looking at the buck(deer) he sees him scared and the deer is scared because the wolves are chasing him. then the witness sees the hunter chasing the wolves. we do not know what happened after that because the witness(person telling the story) couldn't see anymor ( Full Answer )

What is mean by moment of inertia?

The moment of inertia is a tensor relating the angular velocity to the energy in angular motion and the angular momentum of a rigid body, and the angular acceleration to the torque. Roughly speaking, it is to angular motion what mass is to linear motion. The formula can be found at http://en.wik ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 'on the spur of the moment'?

One of the meanings of the word "spur" is "to impose or force an event or action to occur". Thus, the phrase "on the spur of the moment" would mean "to force an event to occur immediately" , as in the following example:. "Having spent hours on his computer, little Jackie realized that he was was ( Full Answer )

What does 'to live in the moment' mean?

They say that there's not a lot you can do to change the length of your life, but there is a lot you can do to change its width and depth. Live the moment is one way of saying take full advantage of right now. Take a chance. Dare to raise your heart rate. After all, you only live twice, and the f ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if a person is shallow?

If A person is shallow they are selfish, self centered, and obsessed with themselves. Basicly if your shallow your don't care about others, or are mean to others. You always brag about yourself and think your better than other people.

What does the phrase Shallow waters never run deep mean?

The correct phrase is " Still waters run deep ," and it means that a calm, controlled person is usually much more intelligent and thoughtful than a noisy, excitable one who bounces from one thing to another.

What does Silence is deep as eternity speech shallow as time mean?

All, heard, seen, felt, experienced, will not remain longer than the (cognitive functioning and perdition of) the oldest person ever to have lived, or to live, be born, etc., silently moving and becoming abstract, where the only (sense of) time can mean agreement between man. Would any exist outside ( Full Answer )

What does the cliche moment of truth mean?

The moment of truth is that moment when the truth comes out. It'swhen you see if you are right or wrong, or if something is going towork out or not.

What is the medical term meaning shallow or slow respiration?

Hypopnea is the term for a combination of both slow and shallow breathing. Bradypnea means abnormally slow breathing. Hypopnea. shallow or slow resperation. ( high -poh- NEE -ah) hypo- means decreased , and -pnea means breathing

What does to walk in shallow water mean?

Well shallow water means that it is not deep so i would think that it means like walking around in a shallow pool or ocean. That's just my guess.

What does to much on at the moment mean?

If someone tells you he or she has "too much on at the moment" it probably is a shortened way of saying "too much GOING on at the moment". If it's in the context of explaining a personal tendency towards avoiding a person that they've been "going with", it's usually a vague way of saying "My attenti ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by bending moment in beam?

All things (bodies) in the world we perceive as something whole entity. Therefore it exists some internal forces and moments which keep detected rigidity. From this point of view for each external factor it must be presented some internal factor with the opposite direction according III Newton L ( Full Answer )

What does in shallow water shrimps make fools of dragons mean?

In Asian philosophy Dragons are the symbols of universal power. They are meant to swim in the unreachable depths or sore the unattainable heights. When a dragon is in the shallows it is a metaphor for wasted power. It is not living up to its full potential, so the little shrimps play with it. make f ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of much-awaited moment?

A much awaited moment is a moment that you have been waiting for, anticipating, or looking forward to for a long time or what may seem like a long time.

What is the meaning of Breaking Benjamin's Shallow Bay?

It is a confident bluff. The line "I don't think you wanna f**k with me" is basically a boast about being tough inside and out. It is all about confidence, and believing that you are stronger than those around you.

What is the meaning of marking the moment?

when someone says mark this moment to you.it means that the happenings of that moment will make a impact in future or it brings a important turn.

What do you mean by Dipole Moment and Induced Dipole Moment?

in random movement of electrons more may end up on one side of the molecule than the other, creating a temporary negative charge on that side. this is a dipole moment. an induced dipole is a nearby molecule whose electrons are repelled by the negative charge on the dipole, creating a negative charge ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by shallow thinking pattern?

Shallow thinking patterns are basically those patterns which dwellmainly on one's selfishness and self-interests. These selfishnessand self-interests are basically materialistic and harmful. Sincethese are born merely out of jealousy and ill-will, these producefickle-mindedness in people, who don't ( Full Answer )

What does in the heat of the moment mean as an idiom mean?

As in "the perfect time" for something, or "getting caught up in something" and being seriously focused on a certain thing. Usually refers to a connection between two "partners", in modern day literature.

What does magic of moment mean?

It means something magical. " My secret crush ran over to me, and kissed me on the cheek. That was a magical moment!":)

What does it mean to mesmerize a moment?

One definition of the phrase to mesmerize the moment is to take control of an audience or to captivate your listeners and have them spell bound or enthralled by your words and speech.

What does from this moment mean?

From this moment means from this point forward. Nothing included from the past but focus on everything in the future. An example could be, "From this moment on no one will be allowed to leave their desk unless they are given permission."