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What does shining you on mean?


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This is almost synonamous with B.S. It is also similar to "stroking" someone. If a used car salesman tries to get on a customer's good side by saying that the customer obviously knows a lot about cars, then the salesman is shining him on.

To shine someone on is to tell them a lie.

In 1963, the no-hit wonders, Frankie & The Dell Stars, released a record entitled,

_Don't Shine Me On_, pts.1&2.

On this record, an L.A. dude - Frankie - tries to confidence three chicks - the Dell Stars - into riding with him in his convertible. After talking it over among themselves, the chicks decide,

"Let's shine him on."

Upon hearing this, Frankie begs,

"Don't shine me on!"

End of pt.1

I've never heard pt.2.

Clearly, the original meaning of _shine someone on_ was "brush someone off." All other meanings came later.


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