What does shotgun mean?

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Shotgun can have multiple meanings:

1 It is a type of firearm with a long barrel that fires shotgun shells. Those are primarily used for hunting.

2. Riding shotgun means to sit next to the driver of a car. For example a group of friends are going somewhere, and one yells 'I call shotgun' meaning, that they are sitting in the front with the driver, as the back is seen as the worst seats because they are smaller and less room.

The term riding shotgun likely came from stagecoaches. One person handled the reins, the other handled the shotgun, apparently because stagecoach robberies were common. In today's terminology, it means window seat, next to the driver, and no firearms are involved.

3. There is also a 'shotgun marriage' which is arranged quickly and suddenly because the female is pregnant. It is possible that in the old days, the father of a young pregnant woman would threaten the baby's father with a shotgun, saying that if he didn't marry her, that the father would kill him.

4. It is also a way of using inhalable substances, where one person inhales the smoke and then blows it into another person's mouth.

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What does ride shotgun mean?

"Shotgun" means the passenger side.

What does superposed mean when describing a shotgun?

This is a double barrel, over/under shotgun.

What does express mean in a shotgun?

I am guessing you have a model 870. It is a edition of the 870 shotgun

What does you call shotgun mean?

If you call out shotgun it means you get the front passanger seat in the vehicle.

What does 583.59 mean on a shotgun?

J.C. Higgins Model number shotgun, normally 20-12

What does 1400 mean on a Winchester shotgun?

The number 1400 refers to the Model number of your Winchester shotgun.

What does 800 on Italian gold mean?

a shotgun

What does bored choke mean on my knickerbocker shotgun?


What does IC mean on a shotgun choke?

Improved cylinder

What does barrel choke mean on a shotgun?

Go here for a good explanation -

What do the stars mean on Remington shotgun barrels mean?

Degree of choke

What does the phrase you call shotgun mean?

"I call shotgun" means that you call the seat next to the driver in a car. This originates from the Old West, where the man beside the driver guarded the coach with a shotgun.

What does fowling piece mean?

A fowling piece is a type of shotgun.

What does V mean in the serial number of a browning shotgun?


What does 2V mean on browning shotgun?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Did Remington make a shotgun designated model?

I have no idea what you mean. Every Remington shotgun ever made was designated as a shotgun, and had a model name or number. If you clarify your question, maybe someone can help.

What does the name P Clausen mean on a double barrel hammer 12 gauge shotgun mean?

It could be the maker of the shotgun, the name of the store that sold it, the name of the person who made the barrels, etc..

Where is the best place to buy a cheap shotgun?

Depends on what you mean by cheap.

What do 2 asterisks mean on a Browning shotgun?

It stands for Modified choke.

What do the asterisks mean on shotgun barrels?

They probably denote what choke the barrel has.

What does ag mean on a mossberg 500 shotgun?

a is for 12ga and the g is for gamester

What does LTFK mean in a browning shotgun?

Long Tang Flat Knob

What does improved cylinder and modified mean on a shotgun?

Describes the amount of choke.

What does angel with a shotgun mean?

It means that you can be as kind as an angel/ good person. But once you get mad you can be mean or dangerous.

What does the idiom riding shotgun mean?

Old stagecoaches had two people sitting on top of the carriage. One was the driver, the other carried a shotgun to defend against Indians and bandits. Riding beside the driver is riding shotgun.

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