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What does side mean?


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July 16, 2010 7:24PM

Side has many meanings as noun and as an adjective.


  1. Mathematics.
    1. A line bounding a plane figure.
    2. A surface bounding a solid figure.
  2. A surface of an object, especially a surface joining a top and bottom: the four sides of a box.
  3. A surface of an object that extends more or less perpendicularly from an observer standing in front: the side of the ship.
  4. Either of the two surfaces of a flat object: the front side of a piece of paper; the two sides of a record.
    1. The part within an object or area to the left or right of the observer or of its vertical axis.
    2. The left or right half of the trunk of a human or animal body: always sleeps on his side; a side of beef.
    1. The space immediately next to someone: stood at her father's side.
    2. The space immediately next to something. Often used in combination: courtside; dockside.
  5. One of two or more contrasted parts or places within an area, identified by its location with respect to a center: the north side of the park.
  6. An area separated from another area by an intervening feature, such as a line or barrier: on this side of the Atlantic; the district on the other side of the railroad tracks.
    1. One of two or more opposing individuals, groups, teams, or sets of opinions.
    2. One of the positions maintained in a dispute or debate.
  7. A distinct aspect: the shy side of his personality.
  8. Line of descent: my aunt on my mother's side.
  9. An incomplete script that shows the lines and cues of a single performer only. Often used in the plural.
  10. Chiefly British. Affected superiority; arrogance.


  1. Located on a side: a side door.
  2. From or to one side; oblique: a side view.
  3. Minor; incidental: a side interest.
  4. In addition to the main part; supplementary: a side benefit.