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'sierra' means 'mountain range'

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Q: What does sierra mean in spanish?
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What does Sierra mean in greek?

sierra is spanish for mountainous region

What does ola de sierra mean in spanish?

oja de sierra is sawblade

What does Sierra Diablo mean?

It is Spanish for "land of the Devil."

What does Sierra Madre mean in Spanish?

sierra means mountain madre means mother sierra madre is a mountain in the Philippines

What dose sierra mean?

The name Sierra is Spanish for Mountain Range. It has also been known to mean prinsess or royal.

What does sierra mean in Hebrew?

Sierra is a Spanish word, so it doesn't have any meaning in Hebrew.

What does the name dierra mean?

Assuming that you mean Sierra, it is a unisex given name that is of Spanish origin. Sierra means saw toothed mountains.

What does sierra vista mean?

It is the name if a city in Arizona. We need a Spanish speaking person to clarify this, but 'sierra vista' in Spanish means roughly 'view the mountain'.

What does the name 'Sierra' mean?

The name Sierra means 'mountain range' in Spanish. It specifically means a mountain range with jagged peaks.

What does sierra tu boca mean in spanish?

Close (Shut) your mouth.

What does ciara mean in spanish?

in spanish it means land but it is spelled sierra but it means the same thing

What does sierra mean in a different language?

Sierra means mountain range in Spanish. Sierra is Spanish for a saw, which is what a mountain range looks like from a distance. sierra is my name and ive looked it up it either means mountain range or pool beneath a waterfall.

What dose the name Sierra mean?

Sierra means "mountain range" in Spanish, referring specifically to a mountain range with jagged peaks.

What does Sierra Vista mean in English?

Sierra Vista is Spanish for 'mountain view.' Sierra Vista is a city in Arizona, located in Cochise County. The city has an estimated population of 45,129.

What does Sierra mean in Wicca?

The word "sierra" means "mountain range" in Spanish. Therefore it also means "Sierra" in any religious tradition. Religion does not alter the meaning of basic words.

What does the name Siera mean?

Sierra is "mountain" in Spanish, referring to rugged as opposed to smooth terrain. Siera is a surname of the name Sierra. In spanish, it means ''Saw''. See the related link for more information.

What does sierra Nevada mean in English?

Sierra is a Spanish word meaning saw. Sierra Nevada is the saw-toothed or jagged mountain range running 400 miles through Nevada and California.

How do you say sierra Nevada in spanish?

Sierra nevada is a Spanish phrase. It means snow-capped mountains

What is the Spanish 'sierra' in Italian?

Catena montuosa is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish feminine noun 'sierra', which means 'mountain chain' or 'chain of mountains'.

What is range in Spanish?


How do you say the name Sierra in Spanish?

Sierra is the Spanish word for "mountain" or "mountain range". It already is a Spanish word, but to say it as a Spanish word, remember to roll the "rr".

How do you spell the name sierra in spanish?

The name Sierra means mountain in Spanish. Similar names are Ciera and Ciara.

How did sierra mist get its name?

Pepsi's marketing department came up with it. Sierra is Spanish for "saw" (the cutting tool), but by association with the jagged edge of a saw has come to mean a rugged mountain range, as in Sierra Nevada.

What does k paz de la sierra mean in English?

The most accurate translation for the Spanish phrase k paz de la sierra means peace of the mountains, the phrase is used in many songs with a Spanish origin.

What is the Spanish meaning of the English words 'Sierra Nevada'?

The words "Sierra Nevada" are Spanish, not English.The English translation of the Spanish is "snowy mountain range".