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It means you have a pregnancy inside the uterus (which is a normal pregnancy) an the baby has a heartbeat making it now living and not just a bunch of cells

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Q: What does single live intrauterine pregnancy mean?
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What does SLIUG mean regarding pregnancy?

Single Live IntraUterine Gestation

What does it mean to have a empty uterus?

An empty uterus with levels lower than 3000IU/ml may be evidence of an ectopic pregnancy, but may also be consistent with an intrauterine pregnancy

What does the medical term intrauterine mean?

Intrauterine means within the uterus.

What does the name merina mean?

Merina is a form of birth control. It is a plastic intrauterine device that releases hormones to help prevent pregnancy.

What does the medical abbreviation IUD mean?

Intra Uterine Device"Intrauterine Death" and "intrauterine device"Intra Uterine Device

My hcg was 66 does this mean I'm having twins?

No, that is normal for a single pregnancy.

What is the Latin phrase meaning in the womb?

If you mean the medical term it would be intrauterine.

What does red mean on a pregnancy test?

what does red mean on a pregnancy test

What does pre pregnancy mean?

Before pregnancy

What does an uneventful pregnancy mean?

It could mean a pregnancy without complications or risks. Another way of saying it is a "normal" pregnancy or "low risk" pregnancy.

What does weak positive pregnancy blood test mean?

weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

What does the medical abbreviation LARC mean?

LARC stands for long-acting reversible contraception, and includes contraceptive implants and intrauterine devices.

What does it mean when you dream everynight of being pregnant but you are single?

If the dreamer is a sexually active female of childbearing age, a pregnancy test might be wise. Whether a woman is single or not has nothing to do with being pregnant if she has been having intercourse. > Otherwise, the dream pregnancy could refer to an idea, task or project that the dreamer is developing. See the link below for further discussion of pregnancy dreams.

What is a wolf pregnancy?

A wolf pregnancy :) Lol What do you mean? How long? How Easy? What is it that you mean exactly? From Rosiiekaii

What does the t and the c mean on the pregnancy test from the doctors?

what does the t and c mean on the pregnancy test

What does one blue line on a hospital pregnancy test mean?

Usually a single line indicates a negative result and two lines means positive.

Can a woman carry pregnancy to full term with one kidney?

A person can live a completely normal life with only one kidney, and I assume that would mean a full-term pregnancy, too.

What does it mean when there is a clear second line on pregnancy test?

U pregnancy

Can a woman have a tubal insemination done after a tubal ligation?

Do you mean intrauterine insemination? With this procedure, semen/sperm is placed inside the uterus by a small flexible catheter that goes into the vagina and through the cervix. Tubal ligation involves blocking the fallopian tubes, making it nearly impossible for an egg to reach the uterus, and also nearly impossible for the sperm to meet the egg. So intrauterine insemination would not be helpful after a tubal ligation. The two options for pregnancy after tubal ligation are IVF or tubal reversal.

Does a negative pregnancy test mean that you can not be having a tubal pregnancy?

if the pregnancy test is neg. then ur not pregnant

A single arrow is easily broken but not 10 in a bundle What does that mean?

You're destined to live a long life.

What is fecund-ability index?

Fecundity is the ability reproduce and is important in population ecology. In obstetrics and gynecology fucundability is the probability of being pregnant in a single menstrual cycle, fecundity is having a live birth within a single cycle. The index is a mathematical formula projecting the mean pregnancy rate of first time mothers in certain months of marriage.

What will happen if a woman uses the pill when she's not pregnant?

If by "the pill" you mean birth control, it can prevent pregnancy from occurring if it is taken every single day at the same time.

Does brown spotting for 4 days mean pregnancy?

No, it doesn't. It doesn't mean "NOT pregnancy" either. What it should mean to you is "I should definitely see a doctor about this."

When your womb jump does it mean your ready for pregnancy?

it means that your womb is ready pregnancy

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